KJW0173Y’all, I have a really good feeling about this year. 2015 had a lot of good lessons in it, and I am thankful for them, but I really feel like 2016 is going to be a lot more fun!

I know it’s corny to say, but I love taking the time to sit down and reflect and create intention around new goals or resolutions. This year has been one for the books. My husband and I moved from Arizona to Chicago, we brought on a bunch of fabulous contributors, took Tablemakers to three cities, and I quit my job at the Marketing firm to pursue LaurenKelp.com full time.

But, like every good journey, there were some bumps in the road and I think those are important to acknowledge and grow from as well. Adjusting to life in Chicago was a bit difficult and it’s a different rhythm then life in the Southwest. There were some growing pains with the business and lots of learning lessons along the way – not all good, but good came out of them.

CITYGUIDE0017So as we are in our first Monday of 2016, it’s only fitting to put these goals and resolutions out into the world and give them legs. Putting them up on site always has helped give my goals and resolutions some sticking power, you know, like writing them on a piece of paper & tacking them above your desk!

Okay, so here we go…


LaurenKelp.com has had several band-aid and bumble-gummed looks over the past few months. It’s been a quick fix here, and a little edit there, as we have grown, but it’s time to give this site some serious TLC and give her a big makeover! That means easier navigation, more content to browse, and lots more festive fun from our gal gang group on contributors.


G and I challenged each other to shut down work mode around 6pm every night and it was pure magic. I started reading again and I consumed every book in sight. To help keep that momentum, I want to challenge myself to reading a book. Who knows, maybe we will have ourselves a little book club?! Got any good recommendations to kick things off?


We are expanding and as much as I love working from our condo, we’ve just outgrown it. It’s time to start looking for a more permanent home for the website, one that will allow us to shoot, entertain, get messy, and has a pro-glitter policy!


I know this is cliche, but it’s true! I have no real idea how to dress myself and that has got to change. Things are going to get seriously purged this year as I figure out the general form of a personal aesthetic – got any pro tips?

KJW0310Here is to 2016, babes! It is going to be our year and I cannot wait to see your dreams, passions, and goals take flight. If you feel comfortable, I would love to hear your resolutions & goals so the entire LK gal squad can help encourage and champion you on!

It’s going to be one for the books! xoxo, LK

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