7a6c49b30a976b1f0fcc2d9e9b18ff82Natalie here! Today I’m talking about three common mistakes a lot of people make when it comes to their health that are super easy to adjust and can lead to some pretty great results. I’ve definitely made all of these mistakes myself, so I can speak to the importance of adjusting them and to how awesome it made me feel when I made these simple changes.


I know, I know this is not what you want to hear, but I can’t stress it enough. Eating on the go might have its perks for a super packed schedule, but it’s really hard on your body.  And I find that a lot of my clients who eat on the go end up eating a lot more than they think they did because the experience was mindless, so they often forget about it. This alone can be a big factor in keeping on unwanted weight or even gaining weight. When you eat on the go you don’t give your body the opportunity to properly digest your food and believe it or not that can also lead to a multitude of other problems like stomach aches, digestive issues, and fatigue. So even if you have just five minutes, try to sit down and eat as peacefully as you can. At the very least avoid eating and walking or eating and driving, it can make a world of difference.


Do you often find yourself munching on different snacks throughout the day? While an occasional snack is totally fine, and often even healthy, non-stop snacking can put a lot of stress on your body. For some reason most of us prefer to eat tiny meals and snack throughout the day because we’re still hungry, but the problem with this is that you’re never giving your digestive tract a break! In order to digest your food properly your body needs time to rest between meals. So nibbling all day can be problematic. Try focusing on eating three balanced meals a day that leave you feeling satisfied. It’s totally fine to have a snack in the afternoon as long as you aren’t munching on it for hours. A good way to solve that problem is to have a designated amount that you’re eating, otherwise it’s easy to eat an entire bag of something; putting a handful of nuts on a plate or eating one whole piece of fruit can solve this problem.


I talk about water all of the time because it’s so important and it seems no matter how much we hear it we all tend to forget to drink enough of water. Staying hydrated is absolutely key for your overall health. Hydration is important for almost every single function in your body. If you struggle with getting enough water on a daily basis try carrying a water bottle with you at all times. This way you’ll be reminded to keep sipping and refilling.  From the moment you leave your bed in the morning to the moment you are winding down in the evening you should be drinking water. Doing this consistently can create a noticeable change in your complexion, energy levels, and can greatly reduce bloating.

Don’t let this overwhelm you, these are actually really simple changes to make. And remember, the goal isn’t to be perfect, it’s to feel good!