Maybe it’s just me, but whenever the weather gets colder, I start getting really excited about podcasts. Come early September, podcast season rolls around and I can’t contain my excitement. This year, I have channeled my glee into a fabulous little round-up of joy! Ooh yes, fellow podcasters, this round-up is quite possibly off-the-chain. We’ve got fun facts that will make you sound smarter around the water cooler, interesting history to impress your Dad when you go home, and, of course, the best friend ‘you got this shit’ pep talk we all need. Fire up the ol’ iTunes and get ready to download!

invisibiliapodcast_icon_hotpink-01_sq-2359778531d9733109e3674a5cecf5a711aa511f-s400-c85IF YOU LIKE THIS: This American Life

TRY THIS: Invisibilia

HERE’S WHY: Invisibilia is all about the invisible forces that control our behavior – beliefs, ideas, emotions, & assumptions. Co-hosted by three awesome gals, Lulu Miller, Hanna Rosin, & Alix Spiegel, these three weave a fun narrative storytelling experience that uses scientific research to help you look at life differently. They explore topics like, “Do clothes have the power to change you?” and “Does faking it until you make it really work?” See – you are curious, aren’t you? This podcast is perfect for a good commute, a long car ride, or (my personal favorite) when you are making dinner.


hidden-brainIF YOU LIKE THIS: Ted Talks

TRY THIS: Hidden Brain

HERE’S WHY: If your favorite thing about Ted Talks are that they are short, interesting, sometimes funny, and totally digestible, you will love Hidden Brain. Basically, it is a podcast that helps curious people understand the world & the things going on around them. Hosted by NPR regular, Shankar Vedantam, the show reveals the unconscious drivers behind human behavior, why we make the decisions we do, and the triggers that direct our relationships. Interesting stuff, right? Perfect for a short commute, when you are doing something boring at work, or when you want to buff up on your fun facts.


IF YOU LIKE THIS: “The Tipping Point” or “Outliers”

TRY THIS: Revisionist History

HERE’S WHY: If you have ever even seen “The Tipping Point,” “Outliers,” or any of Malcom Gladwell’s work, this podcast is for you. Each episode takes a sideways look at a specific historical topic. No, no, don’t worry, it’s not boring – it’s actually fascinating! Episode #10 chronicles the amazing story of British comic, Harry Enfield, and how he satirized the current political situation with a character called Lots of Money. Sounds kind of like SNL (think Tiny Fey as Sarah Palin), right? Yep, it’s just like that. Totally worth a listen.


CLGo3vlW8AAyKvxIF YOU LIKE THIS: Getting pep talks

TRY THIS: Magic Lessons with Elizabeth Gilbert

HERE’S WHY: Everyone needs a good pep talk & if you are in a creative rut or need a change, this podcast is for you. It is as if her latest book, Big Magic, just jumped off the shelf and decided to have a little one on one chat with you. Encouraging, witty, & slightly irreverent (with talks like, Pursue Your Passions Like a MOFO), it’s always inspiring to listen to. Episodes have a very conversational vibe and feels like you are having coffee with friends chatting about your biggest, scariest creative fears and knocking them down one by one. Great if you are looking for an inspirational ass kicking or if you just need to shake things up.


CfYsqdRW4AA4nS-IF YOU LIKE THIS: Mindfulness with a side of snark

TRY THIS: 10% Happier

HERE’S WHY: Don’t get me wrong, I am all about meditating, mindfulness, and living a more thoughtful life…I just like my enlightenment with a bit of snark. Hosted by Dan Harris (the ABC newsman who had a panic attack on Good Morning America), this show is all about trying to answer one question: Can you be an ambitious person and still strive for enlightenment (whatever that means)? Great for a commute, something to listen to while walking the dog, or just when you need a little boost.




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