airstream1Hellloooo people!  I’m super excited to start this journey with you today and a big thank you to Lauren for letting me crash her beautiful site. To introduce myself, my name is Celine & I live in Austin TX with my amazing husband and 2 little pups- Archie & Minnie. I’m an oncologist and absolutely love what I do, but deep inside, I have a serious case of wanderlust. One of my dreams is to road-trip in a trailer with no fixed itinerary.

My husband and I are big travelers, and our favorite trip we took this year was to Iceland.  The island is absolutely spectacular, breathtakingly scenic, clean, safe, and entirely navigable in 2 weeks. We drove and camped around the entire island in our Kuku camper (if you go to Iceland, this is truly the way to see it).  We would drive as much as we wanted one day, then stop for the night, posting up at the base of some spectacular waterfall.

kuku camper

While the island itself was incredible, the element that was most fun and exciting was the camping.  Growing up in urban, central Houston, I never camped, much less went outside.  No, my childhood was spent roaming the floors of the Houston Galleria mall.  During this trip to Iceland, I discovered my serious love for camping.

Now, I am using the term “camping” very loosely.  This little van was converted so that there was a full sleeping area, and a small kitchen/pantry… quite genius really.  I appreciated not having to set up camp every night, especially when it was raining.  I loved watching movies on the iPad while snuggled up in the camper van.  Yup, you can take the girl out of the city…

So I realized that it is really glamping that I like.  I love the freedom of road-tripping, stopping on a whim, and having comfortable surroundings for the night. When we returned home from Iceland, I knew immediately that I wanted to get a trailer so we could do more local road trips.

The king of all trailers is the Airsteam. How can you not love this?airstream2 airstream3 airstream4

The beauty! The freedom! The luxe! Mandi from Vintage Revivals just did an extraordinary renovation of The Nugget.vintagerevivals1

FotorCreated2I have always loved this trailer that was featured on Design Sponge.

FotorCreated1Or this luxe one from the New York Times.

FotorCreatedUmmm yeah. Amaaaaazzzzing. I want that magic! We found our trailer, an Airstream Argosy, and we’re ready to start the dream!


Rather than the beautiful shiny Aluminum exterior, it has a painted retro-licious exterior.  We will beautify that soon enough…

It also has kick ass huge, panoramic windows. But first the inside! And the ugly…FotorCreated4

I have a very specific vision for the trailer – modern desert chic. This combines bohemian flair with mid-century sensibility; the chicness of Marfa, while preserving the comfort and nostalgia of camping glamping.

And there will most certainly be some aqua. Unless you have been living under a rock, I am sure you have you noticed the serious boho trend that pervades all current fashion and interior design. Lots of geometric shapes and ethnic textiles.Untitled

This influence is evident throughout my home. I’m so excited to share the highs and the expected lows of this renovation with you. (Because I know there will certainly at some point, be some serious lows.)

Here is my first moodboard: Note- this is all subject to change. I “design” on the fly.

mood board

The first order of business will be some major quality time with a brush and white paint, and some minor demo. Thanks for reading and hope to see you back here next time when I’ll be discussing my in-depth plans for the bathroom.

For small updates on my progress, check back later or  jump over to my instagram!