QUICK AT-HOME RESET because some days you need a do-over

IMG_6592Since I started working from home a few months ago, there are some days when I just annihilate my to-do list. But then there are those days where I get distracted by everything & just can’t seem to get in a rhythm. Does this ever happen to you?

Naturally, I googled a million different things to help reign in these wonky days & the only one that seems to work (for me anyway) is to take a quick yoga break. As much as I would love to do a whole sequence several times a day, I can’t really justify leaving my desk for more than 15 minutes, so I improvised!
IMG_6512We found this killer yoga mat company called Copy Cat Yoga Mat (adorable, right?) on Facebook & it’s like an at-home yoga instructor. The hand and feet outlines do a great job at showing you where your body should be in each pose & there is even a simple, easy breezy sequence to follow right down the middle of the mat.

As much as I love watching videos & following along, sometimes you just need a quick and easy self guided practice & this is totally it! Even if you don’t have the mat, it’s a great idea to get up when you feel restless or when you feel frustrated, roll out a mat, and stretch it out.

You will reset your attitude, amp up your energy, and maybe most importantly, you will help contribute to your mental well-being. IMG_6538Now, that you’ve got your afternoon pick me up plan, it’s time to talk about updating your workout/leisure wardrobe. I am all about the multi-purpose pant (because who likes to do laundry), so when we discovered Albion I about passed out. These pants, while technically Joggers, have become my favorite Saturday-morning/errand running/work from home & don’t want to feel like I am in my pjs/fitness pants.

I am serious, they are fantastic, super comfortable, and totally bridge the gap between leisure, workout, and running around attire. Go get you some!


Love these pants as much as we do? You’re in luck! We are giving away at $50 gift card to Albion so you can update your workout wardrobe! Head on over to Instagram to find the details. Want an extra entry? Go find out how!

lauren and sylvia