7904 Lenape Tr. exterior by Ryan Hand-1Candice here and we’re headed to the Austin Modern Home Tour this weekend.  I’ve been scrolling through the site daily – seriously, I’m that excited –  and the home on Lenape Trail caught my eye.  So when friends at the tour offered me a chance to get a sneak peek and interview a builder, I had to share it with y’all!

From his creative process to making a modern home warm, Ryan Hand generously offered the back story of his home exclusively with us.  If you’re in Central Texas, pick up a ticket here – such a small cost for so much inspiration.  Enjoy the pics and his process; I hope this home tour inspires you to give your home a little love this weekend!


7904 Lenape Tr. side by Ryan Hand-4

{Green, local grasses soften the modern outdoor space.  The lines welcome visitors toward the heart of the home.}

You were able to balance a modern design with such a warm interior – tell us more about that.

First of all, THANK YOU! It was our goal to balance the hard and soft delicately.  Driving or walking up to the house, you instantly get a feeling of the design. To us, it tells whether you like “modern” or not; after all, this Scandinavian Rooted Modern design is rarely seen in Texas. The harder exterior is built to provide the homeowner with a strikingly unique home that requires zero maintenance. When you enter the living space, we’ve warmed up the areas with beautiful wood accents including sustainable bamboo cabinets and a douglas fir feature wall. The placement of the windows brings in so much natural light, there is a warmth in the house that never requires a flick of a light switch. It’s built to capture the maximum amount of daylight. We used a combination natural tile to keep the bathrooms bright, warm, and luxurious. The house really has that appeal of living in a modern home, with great use of space, and a soft livability. It begs you to track a little dirt in and really make it your own.

7904 Lenape Tr. living by Ryan Hand-9{I love how the rug mirrors the concrete pattern on the floor, and the separating wall makes for a small gallery.}

7904 Lenape Tr. kitchen by Ryan Hand-38

{The way the wood color warms up this space caught my eye.}

For our readers that are looking to bring an old apartment or home into the modern-day, what would you tell them to consider changing first? 

I think it’s most important to carefully assess what’s already there and determine what you would consider keeping first. Generally speaking, if you’re looking for change, choose areas where the eye is drawn and places that will have the most impact. Think about the first two steps in the house: Is it warm, inviting, and welcoming? Think about where people will spend time: Do the living spaces invite you to kick off your shoes, sit on the couch, and really “live” in them? My other recommendation is to consider where you can bring the outdoors inside. Whether that’s a courtyard, a large picture window, or a private patio, try to incorporate that fresh air everyone needs.
7904 Lenape Tr. kitchen2 by Ryan Hand-39

{This kitchen brings a whole new meaning to the term built-ins.  Don’t you love how all of the drawers and cabinet lines are so clean yet functional?}

Tell us a little bit about your design process – what inspires you and where do you begin with a project?

When we start a new project, we first make sure we understand the goals we are attempting to accomplish whether it’s our client’s or our own. We start huddled around a computer looking at different images of elements we’ve collected, drawn, or found online. Then we decide what’s a “must have” and what’s a “nice to have”. We remain huddled around the computer and start sketching the plans. The process is typically driven by an exterior design element that we’ve decided “makes” the project. It’s so important for us to check the surroundings of the house carefully and decide that it makes the most sense for placement of the actual structure, windows, and living areas. From there, it’s a round of drafts and making sure we all feel great about the initial design. Simple right?

7904 Lenape Tr. bedroom by Ryan Hand-20

{This view.  Holy smokes.}

What’s your personal favorite space or piece of the Lenape Trail home?

Our inspiration for this project was: how the Scandinavian Rooted Modern Design interacted with the natural surroundings. The home sits on a 1.1 acre lot with undisturbed Greenbelt views. We wanted to create something unique and powerful yet private and livable. My personal favorite aspect of the house is: When you are standing in the house in any room, you feel like you are on your own private hill country retreat surrounded by a beautiful natural setting. This design accomplished our goals, and we hope it’s admired by anyone who is able to see it.

7904 Lenape Tr. bath by Ryan Hand-30

{Did you catch that white shag rug on the floor?  It partners with the warmth of the wood to make this modern bathroom feel cozy.}

Anything else you’d like to add for the everyday home owner?

First and foremost, if you love design or home ideas, check out It’s a great resource and super cool ideabook of inspiration. A fun watch is the documentary “Coast Modern,” which focuses on the design movement along the West Coast and speaks to audiences about the great interactions you can have between nature and your home.
Ryan, thanks so much for making time to share your story and your gorgeous space with us!

Incredibly beautiful photos:  Ryan Hand
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