We bought the #tinykelphouse in November of 2016 & it’s now almost November of 2017 and we are just getting around to revealing a piece of the “final” (as final as houses can ever be) product – INSANE, right? We thought we would start things off with a bang and show you the sexiest headboard there ever was. I mean…look at her!

This sassy babe is from Erika Upholstered Platform bed in Navy Velvet from Joss & Main and it is maybe the most luxe thing about my whole house!

Here is the deal, our little lake house is small – it’s not itty bitty – but it is small enough for us to be smart about what pieces we bring in and how we use our space. That being said, I am a huge believer in making the bedroom a sacred place. We have a no phone rule in the bedroom (I know, I know, you guys are like, shut up Lauren we get ittt… but seriously, if you still need convincing read here), we indulge in really comfortable pillows, and we don’t clutter the bedroom with extra mess and junk.

Our goal (I say “ours” but really I mandate it and G is nice enough to follow along) is to make the bedroom as stress free and relaxing as possible. Your life is busy enough, why bring in added stress to a place that is supposed to be comfortable and safe?

So when we saw the Erika we both were like, yep. that’s the one.

With a small house, you have to be mindful of space (obviously) and this bed frame is space conscience without feeling tiny. She is tall, so it adds a bit of drama. She isn’t wide, so she doesn’t take up a lot of space, and her frame is low without feeling like you are sleeping on the floor.

The Navy Velvet is deep and gorgeous and gives the room a perfectly moody vibe without leaving the room feeling dark and brooding. Plus, in my opinion, navy is acts almost like a neutral because it is super easy to decorate alongside. There are so many complimentary colors, accents, and textures you can use when styling around navy to make it timeless and unique all at the same time.

Basically, all this to say – headboards are back and fabulous and if you are in the market, you probably need the Erika. Pluuuus, she comes in some good colors! It’s never to early to start that wishlist…and you’ll probably need a project this Fall, maybe redecorating your bedroom is it! Can’t wait to hear what you think!

this post was in partnership with Joss & Main, all opinions are my own


First of all, this is the first #tinykelphouse post!! That is a big freaking deal. We bought our little 700-sq.ft loveshack in New Buffalo just before Thanksgiving and are just now, JUST NOW, able to sleep in their with running water, a functioning bathroom, no doors yet, but hey…it’s no longer yellow and it’s ours! We did about 80% of the renovations ourselves (which…plaster dust is not for the faint of heart or those looking to test their relationship) and while I now go shopping for power tools more than shoes, I can honestly say it was way more fun than not.

Besides the dramatic impact of the house no longer being yellow, these blinds are INSANE. They legit make the house.
First of all, they come with a magical remote control.

Okay, wait, wait, wait…let’s back up to the beginning.

When researching blinds I came across The Shade Store & feel in love. Fast. If you live in Chicago, you’ve probably heard of them or seen their showroom at the Merchandise Mart and let me tell you…it’s magical. I worked with Carol (or as I like to call her, the magical unicorn) at the showroom and she answered all of my questions. Like, “I feel like window treatments are an adult purchase?” Also, “how the eff do I get started?”

We walked around the showroom, talking about paint colors, I showed her pictures of the space, a general design plan for the house, and the overall vibe of the place. Ultimately, we decided on these gorgeous linen roller shades for the living room and kitchen french doors. Guys, they are magical. I mean….LOOK AT THEM.

They are a perfect “not aggressive white but calm white” shade of linen, they keep out the heat of the sun without blocking the light completely, and they roll up to almost nothing. Besides that narrow bar at the top, there isn’t anything to them. No cords or thick bars, just narrow little strip at the top that rolls up like nothing.

Best part? Besides making my house look finished, refined, and totally chic? EVERYTHING IS ON A REMOTE!

Our magical installer programmed all four roller blinds on to a combined channel, so now if I want to roll all of them up or down, all I do is hit “0” on the remote & magiiiic. They each have their own channel too, so if I wanted to roll the main front door shade up, but keep the rest down, I hit channel “2” – WIZARDRY I TELL YOU.

Here is the deal – if you are looking to update your window treatments or just want to give your home a refresh – hit up The Shade Store. They are beyond helpful, kind, and informative plus the shades are absolutle magic. If you are local, ask for Carol, she is a wizard.

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I am a big believer in creating good energy in your home, because truthfully, it helps me stay balanced. My personality is a MASSIVE introverted extrovert, meaning, I love people, I love hanging out and doing things, but they don’t fill me up. I get filled up by being at home, reading books, gardening, or (no surprise here) taking a bath. So when my day is filled with extroverted activities, it is really important for me to come home to a space that is clean, quiet, and filled with good vibes.

Actively working to create a space with good vibes is something that is crucial to my mental health and a little habit that really helps my self care practice. For you, it might mean burning incense or using smudge sticks – both are awesome & if that works for you, don’t change – but for me, it is slightly more involved.


Doesn’t this sound like I am a cheesy mall photographer trying to upsell you on a package? I promise, it’s nothing as creepy as that…

For me, creating moments means having little spots around the house where I can instantly sit back and relax. Most of the time it involves trays. I don’t really know why, maybe it’s because my slightly type-A brain loves the organization and compartmentalizing aspect of trays…either way, trays are the trick to moments.

For example, I always have a tray sitting on my coffee table with a candle, matches, and some reading material. This allows me to sit down on the sofa, light the candle, grab a magazine, and relax without any prep work. My brain is tired from making decisions all day, so this is an easy, decision free way to just take a break from things for a bit.

Naturally, I get all the best trays in my house and candles in my house from Marshalls, because a) they are AMAZING and b) fantastically affordable. This little round guy is perfect for outdoor entertaining and the Peony Petal candle is my absolutle favorite. Every time I go to Marshalls I stock up on as many as they have. I have a whole shelf in my office dedicated to this candle…no joke. My husband thinks I am insane, but I like to think that our house smells like a magic English house in the country, so…worth it.



This could also be called “Manage Clutter Well” but soothing visuals made this tip sound more zen and important some how, so let’s roll with it. Okay, so what the F does “soothing visuals” mean? Well, young padawan, let me explain…

Your brain processing a million pieces of information a day and there are about a katrillion things vying for your attention at any given moment, so part of my good vibe practice is to create a space that is soothing, relaxing, and doesn’t need anything from me.

Again, I like color and organization so organizing my bookshelf by color is weirdly cathartic for my mind. Every morning when I spread out the various piles, paperwork, and nonsense I have to get through in a day, it is nice to have this colorful wall to look up at and space out on.

For you, that might mean sparse bookshelves, a gallery wall, a cabinet full of plants, it could be any or all of those things, but try setting it up in a room you are frequently in.

I also love filling my bookshelves with little trinkets from trips, items that make me smile, and all of the plants. Honestly, if I could live in a greenhouse I would be thrilled. Elated actually, but that is besides the point.

On a recent trip to my favorite store (cough cough Marshalls) I found those three blue and white Chinoiserie vases – aren’t they cool? They add some height and drama to the shelves without being loud or trendy. Plus, I can move them to my dining room table to spruce things up, or in various other places in the house when I get the itch to rearrange (which is daily, mind you). That big guy on the right was under $50, can you believe? Run, go get them, right now, GO, we will wait…



In case you need to brush up on your Danish terms, hygge is the latest word en vogue that means “to comfort” or “to console” and has become synonymous with a coziness. It was a huge word this year & everyone starting ditching the bar scene for a more self care friendly night in. Where we mad about it? No. Has it worked it’s way into our nightly routine? Absolutely.

Basically, I try to make my living room as comfortable as possible. We’ve got books stacked on almost every available surface (in a chic, no cluttered way of course), candles are always within an arms reach, and everything basically begs you to sit down, unplug, and recharge. Also, this is a phone free zone in our house. While our TV is hanging on the opposite wall, we try to leave our phones on the dining room table, so when we are in the living room, we spend time together. That could mean watching a movie, binge watching a show, or snuggling, reading, or just catching up on our days.

It’s amazing and I totally suggest instituting a tech free zone of your house. Try it for a week and watch what happens. You’ll be amazed.

Part of making a room cozy is having places to rest your cup of tea, a book, or a candle and these stools (again from Marshalls, again in amazing blue and white) are beyond perfect. They are roughly 24″ tall, so the perfect height for a sofa or a chair, blend in nicely with almost any decorating style, and easily under $100. I loved them so much I bought two extra ones to use as our bedside tables – OBSESSED.


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‘Tis the season for twinkling lights, wreath-making parties, and fabulous holiday events…am I right?! Well, my friends, it’s about time to start scratching names of that gift list of yours. Luckily, Macy’s State Street has some fabulous events in store!

  • Looking for something fun to do with mom & grandma? How about the Waterford Signing Dec. 5th at noon (at State St.) where Waterford spokesperson and artisan, Vincent Rellis will showcase and explain the process of how raw materials are transformed into the world’s finest luxury crystal
  • Maybe something for the food lover? Check out the Culinary Demo & Book Signing with Nancy Silverton on Dec. 9th at noon (at State St.) for an exciting cooking demonstration from her new cookbook, Mozza at Home.
  • Looking for something fun for the kids? Believe Day on Dec. 9th at noon (at State St.) is all about some holiday family fun with face painting, balloon twisting and special performances from Broadway in Chicago’s ‘A Charlie Brown Christmas’ and The Goodman Theatre’s ‘A Christmas Carol’.
  • Maybe you need some help with the gift wrapping? Hop on down to Macy’s Watertower location for the Holiday Gift Wrapping Event on Dec. 10 at 2pm  for complimentary gift wrapping with any $40 purchase or more. Plus, enjoy festive music from our DJ, refreshments and more!
  • Looking for something a bit more fun? Check out the Ugly Sweater Event on Dec. 16th (on State St.) for a fabulous twist on a holiday classic!

This post is sponsored by Everywhere Agency on behalf of Macy’s; however, all thoughts and opinions are my own.

THE HOME DEPOT HOLIDAY STYLE CHALLENGE who is ready for a little sneak peek!

So, last month I was asked to participate in a holiday style challenge with The Home Depot, and naturally, I passed out from excitement. I am a frequent flier of the good ol’ Home Depot & between a new house & all the other holiday festivities, this was exactly the kick in the pants I needed to get my jingle bells in gear.

holiday decorating how-to via lauren kelpSwing by tomorrow to see the full reveal & get a fun little peak at the “before” pictures of the tiny house! Can’t wait to hear what you think!

holiday decorating how-to via lauren kelp


PATTERN PLAY with Marshalls

fall street style via lauren kelpYes my friends, what you are seeing is true. A very rare fashion post is hitting the site today! I am absolutely not the fashionable friend, nor do I claim to be, but when I was shopping for an entertaining photo shoot at Marshall’s the other day & say this dress and draped shawl, I just had to share!

Typically, I am attracted to gray tones, blacks, and creams, so this is not off of my normal color palette, but the pattern is what totally struck me! Plus, it’s a knit! It’s a fabulous, stretchy, won’t wrinkle knit! fall street style via lauren kelpIf you haven’t jumped on the knit train, you should because they are amazing. They are perfect to pack (because they don’t wrinkle), stretchy but don’t get blown out, and wildly versatile. I am not much of a pattern gal because they can be pigeonholed as one note, or too trendy. This guy, however, can go traditional – perfect for a brunch with the Grandparents – but it can also go a little brocade – a slam dunk for a go-to work piece.


Suede Boots | Similar Knit Dress #1 | Similar Knit Dress #2 | Draped Shawl | DW Watch

fall street style via lauren kelpOkay, now..let’s talk about this black shawl. I mean…look at it! It’s fantastic <3 How can you go wrong with a matte black, cozy shawl, that has shearling inside, & drapes like a boss. I talk about food & entertaining, so maybe take my fashion advice with a grain of salt (preferably pink Himalayan salt 😉 ) but next time you are browsing the Marshall’s shelves for fabulous kitchen & entertaining supplies, head on over to those clothing racks & see what you can find. You never know, you might be surprised by the perfect matte black shawl & pattern dress!

fall street style via lauren kelp


Suede Boots | Similar Knit Dress #1 | Similar Knit Dress #2 | Draped Shawl | DW Watch

Thanks Marshalls for sponsoring this post

Photography by Aimée Mazzenga

TRAVEL LIKE A PRO little luxuries that make all the difference

Between traveling to meet clients, scoping out new locations for Tablemakers, and the occasional weekend get-away, my bags are packed more often then not. Luckily, I love traveling and feel very fortunate to be on the go so often, but it doesn’t come without it’s downsides. While certain things are out of your control (hello cancelled flights, long lines at the airport, or missed connections), I have found that it pays to be a savvy traveler. To me, that means packing multi-purpose pieces (like day to night slacks), always having snacks on hand (goodbye desperate vending machine trips), and bringing a few little luxuries along for the ride (sassy cheetah slippers, anyone?)

pack like a pro via lauren kelp
Whether traveling for work or for pleasure, it’s important to bring a few things along that remind you of home. Look,  traveling can be exhausting so why not plan ahead and give yourself a break. After I land in a new place (if time allows), I throw on my sneakers and hit the hotel gym, or if the weather is nice enough, I go outside for a run.

I shake that airport funk right off, get my blood flowing, and give myself the excuse I needed to order a side of fries with dinner. That night, again, depending on the schedule, I treat myself to a little in-room spa time. I pack a face mask (specifically this one), a travel jar of coffee scrub, maybe a deep conditioning hair treatment, throw on my adorable Birdies and treat myself to a little alone time. This way I am refreshed for a full day of meetings and have a little extra pep in my step.
pack like a pro via lauren kelpOkay, let’s talk about these slippers for a second. Yes, those cheetah ones! Adorable right? They don’t even look like slippers and that is why I love them so much. They are part of the latest collection by Birdies, wildly comfortable, and the absolute best house shoes I have ever owned.

When we have people over, I always prefer if people take their shoes off, and because I love these slippers so much, I have a few extra pairs on hand for girlfriends to slip on when they come over. I rarely wear socks that match, so walking around someone’s house without shoes on makes me feel a little silly, but these slippers are legit cuter than most flats I own…and a lot more comfortable. PLUS, they don’t take up a ton of room in your suitcase, protect your feet from mystery hotel floors, and are just too cute not to pack.Ooh and if you are in the market for a good weekend bag, do yourself the biggest favor and treat yourself to this Chelsea bag by Mark & Graham. Put it on your wish list (Christmas is coming!), treat yourself after that promotion/new job/kick ass life goal accomplished and I promise you won’t regret it. The leather is stunning and it only gets better with age. Plus, it is surprisingly large without being big and bulky. Every girl needs a good travel tote, right?

pack like a pro via lauren kelpSo, quick run through, here are my quick and dirty travel tips to keep you fresh & on your toes, no matter where you are going.

Go for a quick run, walk, or do some yoga after you check in. Get that blood flowing and give your body a little extra boost.

When packing, throw in a fun face mask, body scrub, or other at-home spa treatments. Order room service, binge watch HGTV, and treat yourself to some you time.

Get, bring, and gift these adorable slippers – trust me, they will become your favorite comfy time accessory.

Have a few shades of lipstick and a roll-on perfume stick in your carry-on. There are few things a good shade of lipstick and a power fragrance can’t fix.

pack like a pro via lauren kelpOoh and if you are in the market for a good weekend bag, do yourself the biggest favor and treat yourself to this Chelsea bag by Mark & Graham. Put it on your wish list (Christmas is coming!), treat yourself after that promotion/new job/kick ass life goal accomplished and I promise you won’t regret it. The leather is stunning and it only gets better with age. Plus, it is surprisingly large without being big and bulky. Every girl needs a good travel tote, right?

pack like a pro via lauren kelp

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this post was sponsored by birdies slippers. all opinions are my own & seriously, get these slippers – they are amazing.


Remember that amazing story on the pop-up flower shop in Atlanta? Well, we are back with more Soulflower love & this time it’s better than ever. Welcome to the stunning home of Ayla Gurganus, Soulflower owner & lead designer. Step inside this charming Atlanta home with amazing light, amazing decor, and so much love its unbelievable. She talks all about bringing a minimalist approach to design, creating a home your guests feel comfortable in, and the importance of fresh flowers. Plus some more amazing home advice.
stunning atlanta home tour via lauren kelpstunning atlanta home tour via lauren kelpHELLO!

My name is Ayla Gurganus & I am 29 and live in Atlanta, Georgia with my husband and pups where I own Soulflowers (ps – remember that fabulous story on the pop-up flower shop? That was her! See it again here)

stunning atlanta home tour via lauren kelp stunning atlanta home tour via lauren kelp


Absolutely it’s the kitchen.

stunning atlanta home tour via lauren kelp stunning atlanta home tour via lauren kelp stunning atlanta home tour via lauren kelp


Curating home décor that really matches my aesthetic & having to wait for the perfect piece. Sometimes I can rush into buying something just so the space is filled and in the end I am always unsatisfied.

stunning atlanta home tour via lauren kelp stunning atlanta home tour via lauren kelp


Total trial & error. I am a big fan of purchasing and selling pieces if they aren’t working out for the space or if you aren’t as in love with it as you thought.

stunning atlanta home tour via lauren kelp stunning atlanta home tour via lauren kelp


Creating a space that is really authentic to us makes hosting that much easier. When you are comfortable in your home & get excited about the space, it’s fun and special to share with others.

stunning atlanta home tour via lauren kelpstunning atlanta home tour via lauren kelp


Always set the table. Buy linens & use them. Today it’s much easier to buy paper plates and just toss them when you are finished, but there is something really nice in preparing for a dinner…even down to the silverware. And, always, always, always have fresh florals J

stunning atlanta home tour via lauren kelp stunning atlanta home tour via lauren kelp


I wouldn’t say that I have a particular style that I have been influenced by. I am a big fan of white. Many people steer clear of white because it supposedly shows imperfections or dirt, but I find other colors to be just the same. I recently have become a huge fan of minimalism in the home – if you don’t need it or use it, give it away. The coffee table doesn’t need a book on it, it can be bare and I think there is beauty in that.

I also love ceramics, brass, and raw wood. I try and use meaningful pieces that we’ve been given or have found and incorporate them with modern accents. Our bathroom mirror was actually part of my husband’s grandmother’s vanity set! We took it apart and attached two out sides to make our work for the space. It’s sister hands in our hallway. It’s an older piece but with a modern brass light fixture from Schoolhouse Eclectic, it fits right into our aesthetic & is so special to see every day.

stunning atlanta home tour via lauren kelp stunning atlanta home tour via lauren kelp stunning atlanta home tour via lauren kelp

Photography by Sarah Ingram
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Andrea Pesca-3Meet Carrie – our latest home tour obsession  & the creative maven behind your favorite internet spots. Whether you are drooling over one of her fabulous features for the Glitter Guide or upgrading your space with one of her brilliant DIYs, Carrie is definitely someone you want to hang out with. Now that we’ve gotten a peek at her space, the girl crush has escalated to full-on love 😉 See what we mean below! 


My name is Carrie Waller, I am 30 & I live in Waynesboro, VA where I am the Founder of Dream Green DIY, Features Editor for Glitter Guide, and Freelance Writer.


I would love for people to think that they stepped back in time, and that we truly honored the era of our 1960s home. We just moved into our mid-century A-frame ranch last year, and have spent our free time working to really spruce things up, but to also pay homage to the original details of our home. The previous owners actually built the house back in 1962, and lived here for over half a century—we’re only the second owners! I often think about how they might react if they walked back into the space that we’ve created from what they left behind. I love to imagine that they’d be proud that we kept the original mid-century flair and personality intact.

Carrie Waller-19Andrea Pesca-6

Thank you! I think that the expansive finished half of the basement in our house really sealed the deal when we toured the home last September. That said, a large room poses its fair share of challenges—namely layout. We have tried a number of different configurations in the last six months, and finally settled on a multi-zone layout. We’ve got a little movie-watching lounge area with a digital projector in one corner, a record cabinet and stacks of vinyls for easy listening off to one side with bean bag chairs nearby, and a more traditional living area with seating and a television near the fireplace. We were able to make the large space feel cohesive despite its multiple personalities thanks to a running bohemian-inspired color scheme throughout the entire room. It’s a great space for entertaining and relaxing any day of the week!


That we are finally living in a single family home. I have spent the last decade moving from apartment to apartment, and my husband and I most recently lived in a cookie cutter townhouse. Although we have loved every space that we’ve lived in, this home feels really special. Sure, there’s no telling where life will take us and what opportunities or challenges will crop up in the future, but I’m keeping my fingers crossed that this rambling old ranch will be our forever and ever house.


Taking things slow! I’m a perpetual impulse designer, so I’m trying to break my track record with this house by taking things one room and one design decision at a time. I have to keep reminding myself that we’ve only been here for six months, and that we need to really live in the spaces to know how they need to work for us. Right now, my biggest challenge is definitely patience and waiting to see how the design unfolds organically and intentionally.


Something simple but significant

Carrie Waller-24Carrie Waller-18

I have a running collection of party supplies that I keep on hand at a moments notice (think: patterned paper plates, celebratory napkins, striped paper straws, confetti in all shapes and colors). By having these things at the ready, I am able to welcome people over for a fun impromptu celebration anytime without the stress of having to go out and buy party supplies! Oh, and vintage glasses. Always buy the fabulous vintage glasses you see at antique stores and estate sales! There’s no prettier way to serve a cocktail than in a retro glass.


Choosing my favorite piece would be like asking a mother to choose her favorite child—it’s impossible! I love every single piece of vintage furniture, glassware, art, and textile we have in our house. They all tell a unique story and remind me of times like when my husband and I went to that little converted farmhouse antique store in Covesville, or when my sister and I braved the ratty old thrift store at the beach to uncover hidden treasures. Our collection of retro secondhand furniture and accessories are much more than just “things”—together, they’re a collection of palpable memories that are priceless to me.


My interior style is unabashedly retro and mid-century, with a hint of bohemianism thrown in for good measure. I love the sleek lines and edgy patterns of the 1960s, but also can’t get enough of the layered textiles of the boho aesthetic. I get a lot of inspiration from designers like Emily Henderson, Justina Blakeney, and Amber Interiors.

Andrea Pesca-8

Photography by Andrea Pesce & Carrie Waller