BAP_3510Things are gearing up for a hectic holiday season & while your schedules are getting busier, that doesn’t mean you have to skimp out on a delicious & nutritious dinner! We are whipping up the most delicious couscous and broccoli chicken casserole for you and your family to enjoy all week.

Plus, it’s perfect for a get-together or that potluck you just got invited to. Gone are the days of takeout and frozen pizza, once you try this little guy, you’ll be singing a different tune!_oIr67YRrpa84N35M_l7xbN0omkgINTrBI_PmwD8oHA,5YRoS0Pa4SvIBTPr23Dtj7CAXUkzQOCE_Wd6UwSzKUE

For the full recipe & some pro tip, hop over here!riceselect1 vxmmAG_XPa1n7Mz7RHFmxWPqNsJhv7rTILHJWSDkmjY,ZJjeEs-tOs18SpsXW90vO6A7aSEXuiOiHWK_tOgfYXg