FotorCreatedCandice here! A few weeks ago I began the process of launching an interiors column right here on  “Began the process” fits well because, to be quite honest, blogging is hard work!  A post each week?  Easy, I thought.  But the truth is that “blogging” actually means substantial creative direction, seamless team work, photography, production, and constantly remaining grounded in what brought me here in the first place.  So if you haven’t caught the column in the past few weeks – no sweat! If you have, know that this little Monday column is up on its feet and growing stronger and stronger. Today, I’m taking a moment to introduce you to my interiors style with photos from my favorite shops, hotels, travels, and finds.  Scroll through and enjoy!style insertAlways trying to define my style, I like my furniture the way I like my clothes – well made, simple, and usually in neutrals.

This hotel in Austin, Texas gave me my first shot at buying.  I started out sourcing vintage glassware for their bar but more importantly I learned that a great client is one that already has their own vision – and the women at the Hotel St. Cecilia do.

1339Travel impacts my eye in a huge way – everything about what I source for clients (from color story to materials) comes from trip after trip abroad learning how wool is spun, how natural dyes are made, how colors are chosen, and more.

travelWhether I’m at an estate sale or overseas, I look for rugs and textiles first.  Their stories, materials, and patterns blow me away find after find.  This is one of my very favorites from a batch that I bought from Turkey last year.

hsc blue 1

Stay tuned for a Valentine’s Day gift round up next week focused on gifts for the home.  But first I’d love to hear:  what is your interiors style?!

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