birchandbrassdinnerLOWRES-7Hello & happy Tuesday! Brittany here and I am so excited to share our Dinner With Friends feature. As an event designer, my world is a beautiful place filled with lush, perfect imagery of ornate floral bouquets, styled vignettes, and more inspirational Pinterest boards than one could ever possibly imagine. Because these curated moments occupy my work life, I crave a more simplistic lifestyle and surroundings when I leave the office. I know many fellow creative folks can relate, as there’s always a tendency for comparisons, which can certainly lead us down a slippery slope.birchandbrassdinnerLOWRES-12birchandbrassdinnerLOWRES-16My friend hosted a small backyard bash for new and old friends alike, where we could all mingle, enjoy a glass of sangria, and relax amongst a candlelit dinner. With a no-fuss menu of a summer quinoa salad and roasted veggies, it was a menu that could be prepped easily and allow her to focus on conversations, not slaving away in the kitchen.birchandbrassdinnerLOWRES-19birchandbrassdinnerLOWRES-10birchandbrassdinnerLOWRES-13Entertaining doesn’t need to be a huge production, and I think allowing guests to help out is the key to success. Rather than pretending you have it under control when you’re secretly drowning in a sea of failed recipes and wishing your home looked like a West Elm catalog, why not entrust in your friends to bring dessert, help set the table, or make a unique cocktail menu? You don’t need to do it all yourself!birchandbrassdinnerLOWRES-23birchandbrassdinnerLOWRES-18birchandbrassdinnerLOWRES-2As the owner of a vintage rentals company, I was able to provide all of the tabletop goods and set the table quickly. Another friend is a talented calligrapher, so she easily whipped up a few name tags that were carefully placed to ensure people made new friends. Another guest owns a succulent and terrarium shop, so we of course incorporated her stunning creations as our centerpieces. Of course, we also were fortunate enough to have a photographer friend snap a few photos during the intimate occasion.

birchandbrassdinnerLOWRES-27birchandbrassdinnerLOWRES-1birchandbrassdinnerLOWRES-21With only an hour of preparation, the entire party was setup and guests were able to share a special evening together. That’s what entertaining is all about – conversation, laughter, and bringing people together. Trust me, nobody cares if your napkins aren’t perfectly pressed or if your yard needs to be mowed.birchandbrassdinnerLOWRES-28birchandbrassdinnerLOWRES-30 birchandbrassdinnerLOWRES-39 birchandbrassdinnerLOWRES-37 birchandbrassdinnerLOWRES-35 birchandbrassdinnerLOWRES-34 birchandbrassdinnerLOWRES-32

Tabletop items and design: Birch & Brass | Calligraphy: Wondrous Whimsy | Hostess and Menu Planning: Modern Whimsy | Terrariums: Slavonk & Hortus Terraria | Event planning: The Daily Romantics | Photography: Chelsea Laine FrancisBRITTANY BUTTON