Winter is beautiful and all, don’t get me wrong, but there is something really wonderful about having a home full of fresh blooms. If you are like me, I am ready to show Winter what’s up and bring some Spring into our space a little early this year. Thanks to this easy, breezy DIY, you can have gorgeously fragrant blooms that will make you kiss those winter blues buh-bye. Plus, this five-step tutorial will leave you feeling like a total domestic goddess and it only takes 10 minutes.

Clean out that beautiful candle container (we are looking at you Volcano candles) or pick up a fun glass container from your local thrift store and make a beautiful centerpiece out of these paperwhite bulbs. Perfect for an entryway, dining room table, or kitchen counter, these bulbs bloom into the most fragrant flowers. Take that winter, we do what we want!



  • Relatively shallow glass container (3 to 4 inches works well). Feel free to use a long and low container for multiple bulbs, or a shallow tall container per bulb
  • Small to medium size stones
  • Bulbs



Gather your materials and collect your bulbs! When looking for bulbs, visit your local nursery and check to make sure they are healthy and mold free. The best bulbs will appear plump and won’t be flaking. Once you’ve got the right amount of bulbs you want to plant, store them in a brown paper bag in a cool, dry place until you are ready.


Rinse of your rocks in a colander to get any weird junk off. After you’ve washed them off, fill your container two-thirds of the way full. Leave approximately 1/2 inch to 1 inch between the rim on the container and the top layer of rocks.

fEv9G1rXpVLMA5oBbLl060QsY6x1OXTo_PSilS-huco,007GflkSOT9Lkq-cQyXlaan3xhD7OYLIC51nMElaqrcSTEP THREE:

Arrange your bulbs on the top layer of rocks. I think bulbs look better when they bloom when they are closer together, so I recommend leaving no more than an inch in between bulbs. Add an additional layer of rocks to secure bulbs in place.


Pour water in the container until it reaches the top layer of rocks. Maintain the water at this level so it only touches the bottom of the bulbs.


Set your fabulous, newly planted container in front of a sunny window and water often. Remember, never let the water touch the bulb – it will get root rot and all funky. Once the bulbs start to bloom, move them out of direct sunlight.




photography by Belen Aquino