IMG_3990Summer is *hands down* the worst season for makeup. With heat and humidity constantly hanging around, our faces basically melt off within a few hours. I’ve fallen victim to this several times.

Recently, my husband and I have gotten really into golf. We’ve played a couple of games, and although it isn’t a terribly physical sport, being out in the hot sun can really make you sweat. I remember looking at myself in the mirror in the car just after the first time we played nine holes, and I couldn’t believe what my face looked like! There were lines down my cheeks from the sweat, and my mascara had melted underneath my eyes. Thank goodness I had sunglasses on! After that, I was bound and determined to find something to literally “save face” out in the sun and heat. Today I’m sharing three simple beauty hacks to keep your summer makeup looking natural and fresh in the great outdoors.



1. Foundation

If you’re a gal like me with discoloration, or just need something to even out your skin tone, foundation is probably one of your top 3 beauty products. While outdoors, you never want to wear something with full coverage. Why? For one, while you’re in natural lighting, it’s far more easy to see all the make up caked on your face than in florescent light. The second reason is, if you sweat and then wipe your face, that stuff will slide right off leaving you with a big streak. Instead, I recommend sticking with just an under eye concealer and tinted moisturizer. Both will have light coverage, leaving your skin with a nice glow that’s far more natural than your daily coverage. I love the tinted moisturizer from Sonia Kashuk, plus the fact that is has SPF makes me SUPER happy!



2. Blush and Bronzer

Powdered blushes and bronzers are another product that will easily streak, or make you look far too done up for time spend outdoors. I highly recommend using a cream version instead. Just a light sweep should do it. One hack that I absolutely love when I’m out of blush, is using a bit of lipstick instead! Put a little on the tip of your finger, dab on across your cheekbone, then blend with a kabuki brush. It is such an easy hack, and with the right blending, looks so natural!



3. Don’t sweat about your sweat

I know it’s easier said than done, but try not to worry too much about what you look like. You are, after all, outside having a good time rather than being stuck in an office. Concentrating on what you look like by constantly taking a peek in the mirror will only distract from the memories you could otherwise be making. Chances are, nobody else will really notice if your mascara bleeds a little bit. They’ll be more focused on having great conversation and good times with you.

Although, a little waterproof mascara might help too! 🙂

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breann bowman