EATALY – ROSÉ TASTING aperitivo at its finest

Ayo! You guys! We’ve been on a rosé kick lately & when we saw that one of our favorite hot spots was hosting a little class, we just had to join in the fun. So the other night LK & I walked over to Eataly for a quick guided wine tasting of Southern Italian rosé wines & it was all that we wanted it to be & more.IMG_3608

We can’t seem figure it out why but we always seem to get the absolute best instructor/leader/speaker in all of the classes/tastings/tours we’ve done this summer! We are lucky gals because this time around, we were blessed with Jordan Anderson of the wine & beverage department & he was just a peach! He was extremely knowledgeable, opened up the floor for questions often and interacted with us tasters on a super cordial level. Quick shout out to Jordan – you are the greatest!

The class, about an hour long, was held on the second floor tucked away in the corner of their abundantly beautiful wine section. At this point in the day (right after work) LK & were getting a little hangry & when we saw that there were nibbles laid out for us at a bar-like seating arrangement, we were ecstatic (because, I mean, food). We got to nibble on the most delicious parmesan cheese, their famous rustic bread (a soft sourdough) and Canadian bacon with shiitake mushrooms & sage. They all paired so well with the rosé & it was a perfect weeknight wine session complete with amazing gourmet treats.

The rosé was the perfect patio pounders & the experience was the ultimate summer apervito. You just can’t beat Eataly’s vibrant atmosphere and & all of the Italian offerings! If you haven’t already, go shop their markets, indulge in a tasting or sign up for a cooking class & experience this place. It’s the quintessential grocery store & so much more!


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