Do you ever wonder where to look for home decor outside of the handful of usual go-to stores?  Candice here, and let me tell you that I LOVE go-to home stores.  They were the source of our first couch, work desks, dining chairs, and more.  We even registered at go-to home stores for our wedding, figuring that they were easy for everyone to access and their designs were accessible.

Yet, in the process of defining my own aesthetic, I’ve been aching for pieces that are a little off the beaten path – furniture that doesn’t show up in my Pinterest feed, and decor that hasn’t hit Instagram fame quite yet.  As my husband and I look to upgrade the guest room and make our office furniture a little less hand me down and a little more permanent, high quality hand-made decor is at the top of my list.

So today, and over the next few weeks, I’m bringing you my favorite emerging brands with hopes of inspiring your own design process by taking you a little bit off of the usual go-to grid.

Which brings me to The Citizenry.  You might have first seen them here on the blog, but currently the brand is sourcing handmade rugs, chairs, and other home decor pieces around the world.  And they’re killing it.  If you haven’t already, click-through and take a look. Or a stare.  You’ll probably stare.

To be honest, I’ve never seen anything like the pieces that they are designing and building with makers across the globe. Below are my five favorite pieces from The Citizenry.  Unlike the big box stores, these won’t be your first purchases.  They’ll be your forever purchases.  And once you find out a little more, you’ll know why.  Enjoy!


Zua Lamp, Uganda.  $175.

d451b3e3cafa35cc9235932cc757470eSendero Pillow, Peru.  $120.

b9c44bf5d2524d0f463561675c967f13San Pedro Throw, Peru.  $195.

6dfecb3358fb7679ce347fbeb4792f7fNzuri Basket, Uganda.  $125.

070816a882960e03b3cae61791f4f9beEstrellas Rug, Peru.  $875.

3aae7f81b4a88fff1783aed056ec5a84Palermo Copper and Cowhide Chair, Argentina.  $875.

Find all pieces here.

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