HT|DWF0025Hey, we get it. Space is a coveted commodity in an apartment. Don’t let having a lack of space discourage you from entertaining! We’ve got some fool proof, no hassle tricks to entertaining in an apartment that won’t leave you stressed, feeling insecure, or any of those other annoying insecurities. So, what are you waiting for?! Scroll down and invite some people over already.

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1. No Dining Table? No Problem!

Grab a cheap card table from Target or use your breakfast nook as a buffet area. Throw a fun tablecloth, or several if the shape is weird – think of it as layering, and an interesting arrangement on the table & you’ve got a place to put your food. If using a breakfast nook, place plates and flatware in the kitchen as a clean “start” to the buffet line & give your guests a clear path to follow. Interested in a card table option? Make sure to put your table in an area that allows for good traffic flow! No one likes a crowded buffet line.


2. Makeshift Coat Closet

Coat closets are rarely used as such. More likely, they are seasonal, “I don’t know where the hell to put this” closets. When your guests arrive take their coats and put them in your bedroom or an office. Don’t let purses pile up in the entryway, but let your female guests know where the “coat room” is so they feel encouraged to leave their purses along and hang out. Who knows, you might even get a phone free dinner party out of it!


3. Rearrange!

Embrace your space. If you don’t have room for everyone to sit, go for a more casual, relaxed vibe. Get a Moroccan vibe going by placing large, colorful pillows on the floor to encourage guests to get cozy on the floor. Have extra lawn chairs? Bring ’em out! Everyone is happy to get together, don’t let seating trip up having friends over.


4. Shake it up

Have a great outdoor space? Let’s see it! Shake it up a bit by encouraging your guests to take the party outside after dinner. Offer a re-fill on drinks and suggest moving it outside – if weather permits. That being said, make sure you have proper pest control on hand. No one likes pesky pests nipping at your ankles.


5. Drinks & Dessert

Still don’t feel like you have the space to properly entertain over dinner? Mix it up a bit and have friends over for dinner and drinks. Serve up several sweet options and multiple drink options. Don’t have a full bar? Make sure to have beer, wine, and the fixings for at least one signature cocktail!


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