1. Focus on Creativity

This has been a really wonderful and eye-opening goal. Never before did I realize how much I love routine & how difficult it was for me to have more fluidity in the mornings. Shaking things up a bit was so good for so many reasons! I had rough starts and really inspirational days, but it was good to shake the dust off and challenge my spirit in a new way.

2. Upgrade & Minimize

I CANNOT RECOMMEND THIS MORE! It’s a bit to bite off at the beginning, but it’s so worth it in the long run. I can tell the difference in quality and while my wardrobe is smaller, I have more outfits to put together, and I feel less stressed about it.

3.  Find a New Apartment!

Yeah…not so much. Still working on this one.


1. Epsom Salt Bath Twice a Week

Have you ever used epsom salts in your bath? It’s a total game changer! Whole Foods was having a sale, so I flippantly picked some up and it’s been the best decision of the season. The essential oils are perfectly soothing, the salts leave my skin feeling purified, and the fragrance is enough to cure any bad day. A bath like this twice a week and I might start levitating I’ll be so mellow.

2. Walk during lunch

I don’t know about you, but most days I am at my desk working on my computer. I eat there, drink there, work there. It’s a long time to be sitting, and frankly, my eyes could use the break. This month, no matter the weather, I want to take a little walk during lunch. Maybe that means treating myself to a green juice or trying out the new mediterranean joint a few blocks away. I think it will clear my head and give my butt a break.

3. Book a “working weekend”

Have you guys ever done this? Book a night in a hotel and have a little working stay-cation? It might sound odd, but I really like it. It keeps with the “shaking things up a bit” theme. Book a night in a fun place and get inspired to write, dream, create, etc. It’s kind of genius if you think about it

4. Make Sunday a Thing Again

I can’t tell you the last time I had a true day of rest. A no computer, nothing scheduled, lazy Sunday afternoon. That totally sucks and I did it to myself. This month, I am putting my foot down and next time I try to schedule a shoot or a meeting, I will slap my own hand and say, “no ma’am.” Plus, I am sure my husband would like his wife back…

laurenPS – Aren’t these images for MOR Cosmetics stunning?!