You know how every once in a while you have a really great makeup day? Like so good that you can’t help but look at your reflection in windows and take an embarrassing amount of selfies? I love those days, but for the longest time it seemed like they just never happened – or if they did it was only once in a blue moon. For most of us, the stars need to align perfectly or we need to spend hours primping to have a flawless face. After years of learning all about skincare and makeup, I’ve finally unlocked a few secrets to having perfect face makeup regularly!


To start, cleansing your skin with an exfoliating wash will make a world of a difference. Not only does exfoliating help with acne, it also clears away dull and dry skin, leaving you with a smooth glow. I love the Coffee and Sweet Orange scrub from Bloke Body – I use it about twice a week. A good moisturizer is the next step. I typically do both these steps at night so that my face has a few hours to soak up the moisture.


I always recommend a good liquid foundation for flawless skin. There are so many great options at Target, like Sonia Kashuk brand, but I recently picked up the Studio Fix Fluid from Mac while I was on vacation and ran out of makeup! (My color is Nc20) I love that this has such great coverage and SPF. Sun protection is serious guys! I’m not a huge concealer fan, so if you find that’s absolutely necessary, apply that first, then your liquid foundation, then blend. I apply my foundation with a kabuki brush by first dotting along my face to distribute the product, then I blend in.


IMG_5195.JPGI got this color earlier in the summer when I had a bit more color to my skin, so blending along my jawline to my neck is critical. Even if your color matches, make sure to blend, blend, blend! I apply my liquid foundation all over my face, except for directly under my eyes for now.


Next apply bronzer and blush. There are two places I apply bronzer. 1. Along my cheekbones back towards my ears 2. From my temples sweeping upward to my forehead. I’ll then apply blush to the apples of my cheeks.

IMG_5199.JPGAfter blush and bronzer is done, I’ll usually take that time to apply my eyeshadow and eye makeup before putting foundation or concealer under my eyes. (You don’t want dust from the eyeshadow sticking to the foundation making you start your makeup all over again.) When that’s done, I’ll use my finger to apply the liquid foundation all under my eyes in a triangle. Use light taps with the tip of your finger to apply – don’t rub or sweep it on. This can cause streaks, and you don’t want to pull on your under-eye skin. It’s sensitive!

IMG_5203.JPGSince my skin is naturally really dry, I never apply powder. However, if you have a translucent or setting powder you like to use, apply with a fluffy brush. Next, I use the Lalita Facial Elixir from Flora Apothecary to set my make up and give me an extra boost of hydration!


IMG_5202.JPGLastly, I’ll apply mascara to my bottom lashes and my favorite lip color! I’ve been all about that matte Kylie Jenner lip lately (minus the obvious use of injectable fillers) – this matte lip color from ELF in “Natural” is the best I’ve found!

With help from eyelash extensions, I do all my makeup in under 10 minutes – including my brows and eyeshadow/ liner. The best part is, it lasts for hours and my skin always looks flawless!


breann bowman