Let’s face it, being an adult can be hectic. You’re probably balancing a full-time job, a passion project, a social schedule, trying to maintain some type of health routine, all while keeping that love life alive. Throw kids in to that mix and I would probably pass out. We’ve teamed up with the fabulous gals at DAAME (more on them and their brilliant solution to a black hole purse probably) to bring you a little life hack that helps maintain a healthy lifestyle without making you run late. Introducing two of our favorite breakfast smoothies – The Berry Babe & The Cherry Chiller! For all of you Green Goddesses out there, make sure you check out the third recipe over here! If you are trying to get more greens in to your diet, this is a great way.

IMG_3787Okay, so let’s talk DAAME. You guys, get ready, this is so good. This brilliant little company designs and makes gorgeous leather bags that literally answer all of your “my bag is a black hole how the H do I find anything in here?” problems. Not only are there super smart pockets (think cords & cushion for your laptop), but, here is the best part, a portion of their profits goes to education women in challenging environments.

They believe that by investing in women, they can not only change the trajectory of her life, but society at large. If that isn’t something you can get behind, you probably need to check your pulse.  Read more about them and their heart here. In the meantime, step up morning game with our fav breakfast smoothies! Scroll down and become healthier by the second!



– 2 cups of frozen mixed berries (PRO TIP: The Berry Medley from Trader Joe’s is perfect!)

– A big handful of fresh spinach

– 1 ripe banana

– 1 cup of almond or coconut milk

* honey to taste


– Blend them together!

– PRO TIP: Put your berries on the bottom, add the spinach and banana, and top it off with the milk. Blend until you get the consistency you like.




– 2 cups of frozen cherries

– 2 large bananas (cut up)

– 1 cup of almond or coconut milk

–  1 teaspoon vanilla or almond extract
*honey to taste


– Blend them together!

– PRO TIP: Put the ingredients in the blender in the order listed. That way, it will help keep the consistency smooth and thick – like a milkshake!

Photography by Maggie Thalheimer

  • LOVE that outfit, Lauren! I’ve started making healthy smoothies at home too and I can’t wait to try out these recipes. Thanks for the intro to Daame!

  • Candice

    Thanks so much for sharing, L! Not only do I need a fresh idea for breakfast, I’ve been searching for a leather bag from a non big brand store. What a great, intro to Daame!