diybasket0006Okay, okay, I know what you are thinking — “Gift Baskets are super boring and kind of lame,” but that is totally not true! I am here to win you over to the basket side of giving. Trust me, you’ll love it! Reason number one – they are fantastically customizable! So you’ve got an Aunt who is a bit tricky to shop for, or maybe you’ve found all of these cute little gifts for your sister but wrapping them all individually just isn’t going to happen. In walks in the Gift Basket and you’re suddenly a gift giving goddess. Here is how to build the most perfect gift basket ever! diybasket0001 (1)First things first, select 4-6 items that you know your giftee loves. Gift Baskets are for building, so have fun with it! I am building this basket for my foodie friend (who just happens to be our lovely Food Editor) Stancy, so I looked for things she would love — elements for the perfect cheese board! It’s important to add a bit of your personality in to the gift, so for a little extra personal flair, I added a DIY gift element to her basket.diybasket0004Who doesn’t love a fabulous wine stopper? And, if you happen to be fans of good wine (which we are) a wine stopper is a fun and easy element of surprise! Become a DIY wine stopper master in just a few steps here!diybasket0002Now that we’ve got all your elements, let’s begin to build! Firstly, grab a basket that fits your goodies. This is a great way to save a buck, so I always grab mine at the dollar store. Add a little padding to the base of your basket with raffia or another fun padding. I always lay down a linen napkin or piece of fabric before I place items in the basket. This adds an element of luxe and the draping affect it gives is so nice.diybasket0007Place your largest items in first to ground the gift. I placed one of my favorite bottles of wine, Kendall Jackson’s Grand Reserve Cabernet Sauvignon, to ground the goodies and made it the focal point of the gift. Once you’ve got your largest item in, begin to place items from largest to smallest. Tuck the smallest goodies in to the spaces and build a layering affect. I placed my DIY wine stopper next to a little note to call it out and give it center stage.

HAPPY GIFTING!diybasket0008