Hello! Candice here and I’ve got the most wonderful interview to start off your week. Meet Cecilia from Saint Cloud.From the moment I walked in Saint Cloud I knew I had to share the space with you!  The way the light floods the space and the luxurious and unique product selection highlights Cecilia’s brilliance as a buyer and creative director.

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Cecilia and I met in Casablanca, Morocco – true story! – and as two buyers on a trip with primarily designers, we became fast friends. When we decided to travel together again, I drove down to Houston to meet Cecilia at the shop she and Jessica Rodriguez opened last, and plan our adventure.

She partnered with Garret Hunter to design the space and he oversaw the build out from the ground up. Garret’s architectural background comes through in the choice of strong materials and bold angles.  Some of my favorite details are the exposed concrete and tile displays.  It’s an experience unlike anything else with a selection unlike anywhere else.  Find our exclusive interview with Cecilia below..

IMG_0586 (2)How did you develop the concept for St. Cloud?

My partner, Jessica Rodriguez and I met and bonded over a shared dream of opening a store unique to Houston – a place where you could find a curated selection of thoughtfully made goods that were not readily available anywhere else in town. We both travel a lot for work and were constantly inspired by the creativity in the US and the world. But, we were also frustrated by how far behind the Houston retail scene was at the time (over two years ago). Once we realized that we shared a similar vision, we worked quickly to make the store a reality – and voila! We’ve been open a year now!

IMG_0621What’s it like to be a #girlboss? What is the trickiest part and what is the most rewarding part?

It’s definitely empowering to be part of an all-female run business. We really try to make it comfortable and fun for everyone, but at the same time we take our jobs seriously and encourage a constant flow of creative ideas and approaches. The most rewarding part is being able to call these gals my friends and co-workers. We are a talented and dedicated group of women, and every single person on the Saint Cloud team contributes something important, and I am proud to work with each of them.  The trickiest part is not getting defensive when people are dismissive about what we do here – obviously we are not saving lives, but this is not “women’s work.”

IMG_0582Share a little about your strengths and how they translate into your role as Creative Director at St. Cloud.

My strength is editing. I also can see the whole picture and trust my instinct about what is ‘right’ for the store, either in terms of merchandise, partnerships, events, etc..  Creative director is the right role for me because I deeply enjoy implementing our strategic vision. I make sure all the moving parts of the store contribute to our overall goals, always with an eye to new and creative ways to do things.

IMG_0595What advice would you give to other women working their towards professional leadership?

Don’t let yourself be easily intimidated. Confidence is key.

IMG_0554What’s the last thing you purchased from Saint Cloud?

I just bought three pieces of Adina Mills jewelry. She’s a new designer we brought in this fall and I am so excited about her pieces – each one is a work of art. She works as a ceramicist, firing semi-precious stones into the clay and making amazing and unique rings, necklaces and earrings. They are totally unlike anything I have ever seen before, and because they are all so different I had to buy three!

Lovely photos by Kim Jones.

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