VOiqDYxPb8FOa7JUU2bD3gNVlY-JlnOB9sseAR4S3ssNow that spring is officially here, it’s time to throw the windows open and bring in some new life! In partnership with Glade, we gave our offices a refresh inspired by the vibrant fragrance of Glade’s Lavender & Peach Blossom. In true spring-time fashion, we re-vamped our space to give it a brighter vibe and a more uplifting feel. First things first, fresh flowers everywhere!pnfe4z7QeWzqYXwRIcs1PIt0LsO9TiDI0Bj_UcKdvXM,rAi4asUfo2GNUwCWXdGlH1DmSdB57f6tnxJ23VCpYz0Nothing gives a space a perk-up than a busting vase of fresh blooms. You simply can’t beat it. We put a bundle on the coffee table, by the window, any flat surface really. For a sophisticated, yet spunky, touch, we used vases and containers with interesting textures and colors. Pair the container with the hues in your arrangement for a complimentary match and you’ve got a festive arrangement no matter where it’s going.
VbDoIGa3mrzEL2l2qatFnfXnJIX5P_yKACREmflrRc0,lAdG1dH4_tRg3tsrC3SAhEZnx1YFRmsJLsBMHvYu_-8Our space revolves around meetings and shared space, so creating an uplifting ambiance is key to creative work flow. Setting an interesting coffee table is a main player in that scenario. I love putting interesting coffee table books, found items, and various knick-knacks that spark good conversation and new ideas. Place a deliciously fragrant candle Lavender & Peach Blossom candle in the mix and you’ve got a prime spot for conversation and fellowship.
So tell us, what is your favorite way to make people feel welcome in your home, office, or space? We’d love to hear! Looking for some ideas? These are some of our favorites!

Photography by Belen Aquino