Halloween is just around the corner (hooray!) and it’s time to start making plans. Personally, I save “going out” for the brave. I much prefer a fun night at home with close friends, bags of candy for Trick or Treat-ers (or me, let’s be honest), and a few spooky cocktails. Whether you are serving them to your ghoulish guests on Halloween night or whipping up a fresh pitcher first thing in the morning, this little cocktail will have you feeling back from the dead in no time!

Because we are responsible adults (sometimes) and we care what we put in to our bodies (just ignore my french fry addition for a second), we tweaked the classic Bloody Mary recipe and added in something lovely & organic – Crop’s Tomato Vodka! It’s delicious &, for all intensive purposes, it’s nutritious! So get your shopping lists out because I promise you, this will be a recipe you’ll always want to have on hand.



– 1 pt Crop Tomato Vodka
– 1 pt tomato juice
– Season to taste (Habanero sauce & cayenne pepper)



– Measure out your delicious Crop Tomato Vodka

– Add to High Ball glass with ice cubes

– Add in tomato juice & a dash or two of Habanero sauce

– Stir gently & taste

– For more of a kick, add in a pinch of cayenne pepper or more Habanero sauce

– Gently stir, drink, repeat!

BAP_4879 BAP_4904That’s it! Simple, easy, and delicious! Y’all, I wouldn’t lead you astray so you’ve got to try it. Garnish with a fun Halloween stir stick or add a bit of cayenne to the rim. How ever you dress it up, this Scary Bloody Mary is a one for the books.

Also, make sure you check out Crop Vodka. I mean it when I say they are the best vodka I have ever had. Plus, they don’t have any of the junk that a lot of vodka’s have in it, so it leaves you feeling less…zombie like the next day. Organic & delicious – yes please!


lauren kelp author buttonBELEN BUTTONThis post is sponsored by Crop Organic Vodka but all thoughts, opinions, and food obsessions are our own.