With Halloween just days away, those of us without costumes are starting to stress a little over what to dress up as. Whether you don’t want to spend your hard earned cash on a costume, or maybe got invited to a party last minute, here are 3 Halloween makeup tutorials that can be done in under an hour!


imageCat makeup is a classic Halloween style which can easily be done in just a few minutes. Chances are you already have every product you need in your cosmetics bag!imageStep 1.

Prep your face as usual with foundation, bronzer/ blush, brows, etc. Take a white eyeliner and apply to the inner corners of your eyes and along your bottom lashes.

MMLZ2OZEy57CeKi--lxulG0uy1_1taPG4oQyovCgeTIStep 2.

Apply your cat eye skills and create a dramatic winged effect with black eye liner of choice.

B7PfBjDkUyw8BcCdxF4t_uCzRi2kxcjkZs8S5410KAkStep 3.

Apply mascara to top and bottom lashes. For a more dramatic effect, add in some false eyelashes.


Draw on your nose and whisker spots with eyeliner. Make sure not to wipe your face while partying!


Step 5.

Add a colored gloss, rough up your hair a bit and slip into your favorite black dress!



bQEpMkb8MGFVC8DYStFkhCNPlX7K5c_G5iu_jX4KpHABold lips, dark eyes, and messy finger waves will have you looking like you just stepped out of a speak-easy this Halloween! Dressing as a 1920’s Flapper is a fun way to pull out all those bold pigmented makeup products you’ve been dying to use!rtgmQdqKLggcxpMQwHSrdnlFJzyCrcJTvGGp86e_HCYStep 1.

Prep your face as usual with moisturizer and foundation. When filling in your brows, go for a more rounded look rather than arched, and elongate the tail of your brow a bit longer than usual.

xy2UzyfxfaiURAxx4H0bT-T0SWoL9qCOD5MobjnCBUkStep 2.

Sweep a bright blush on the tops of your cheekbones up into the hair line. Avoid the apples of your cheeks!

hWI2YTJevvm3qfDeFqLpCGtG-faSlFOCXynjRkcko-IStep 3.

Taking a darker eyeshadow, apply all over your eyelid, focusing on the inner crease. Basically the opposite of how you apply your shadow now.

jIaw8WMkFcaoBf0Q1I4XNhC83c-akzb7Dq36ERm8QJwStep 4.

Sweep your eyeshadow on your bottom lids, apply mascara, and false eyelashes.

i1ubnmKcZTgbYAdLFGcivwtjWFb7HBeNWHlIXxlAbpAStep 5.

Curl your hair and brush out. Next, shape your hair into waves, one by one, using bobby pins or clips. Hair spray the crap out of it, and let it set for about 15 minutes until dry. Remove the pins and loosely comb with your fingers.

5O28povpHDN0imuwT3HYSVIWlaHovzlcdXA3_bt6_vsStep 6.

Apply lip color in a heart shape avoiding the corners of your mouth. Think Betty Boop! Add a sparkly headband, some pearls and a midi dress for a complete Flapper look!


Uz2BmG_uy4v5LRt07hI2R1AZBmsVGyfjt62TrjsDHSwKeep the Halloween Spirit alive by doing your makeup as a spooky – yet sexy – ghost! All you’ll need is some white and black face paint.

EJSE2HzpG3xHY91QKbDjcKw6GnnXXM52w7OijfiHaMAStep 1.

Apply your eye and brow makeup from the flapper tutorial. Next, smooth white paint all over the rest of your face.

iNhoWEhhpGwDVvWuGu-s4VFb-gif1CJSLg6UurB7IIEStep 2.

Using the black paint, contour along your cheek bones and temples and blend in. Tease your hair into a funky, messy style away from your face.

xFd4b6RLko9dalMfciMDUw5p3BfSDKxYbriDO0X-XCAStep 3.

Spread the white paint back into your hair and top with baby powder for a dusted look. Pair with a white dress and dead look for a great haunting effect!

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