Halloween is my absolute favorite holiday. My parents, every year growing up, would have these huge Halloween parties. The furniture would be covered in white sheets, cobwebs would be strung from every possible surface, and their costumes were nothing short of amazing. My mom and dad would have evolving costumes, meaning they would change and grow as the night progressed. How can you not have an affinity for Halloween when it’s introduced to you like that?!

While many opt for a Halloween evening that involves going out and being seen, I much prefer to set the stage and have a bunch of friends over. Set up a buffet table with sweet, spooky treats, a festive libation or two, and create a relaxed, but celebratory environment. My favorite decorating tip is layering candles. This is the holiday where you can never have enough candles, so I make sure to layer them up in various places. HALLOWEEN0002 HALLOWEEN0003 HALLOWEEN0004 HALLOWEEN0005 HALLOWEEN0006 HALLOWEEN0007 HALLOWEEN0008 HALLOWEEN0009 HALLOWEEN0010

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