Holiday Beauty With Tracy Melton ArtistryRemember this gorgeous Bridal Beauty look from Tracy Melton Artistry? She’s back and giving us the perfect hair+makeup holiday beauty combo for holiday parties! Here’s Tracy with a few tips and tricks to help you achieve this festive look!

Holiday Beauty With Tracy Melton ArtistryHello, lovelies – Tracy here! For the makeup, we’re going bronzy glam this holiday season! Start by applying a gold base shadow. Be sure to take it all the way to the tear ducts for a little extra glimmer in the corners. Then take your bold bronzy shade and sweep it into the crease for a little smoldering look. Add flirty lashes and a wine pout for the finishing touch.

Holiday Beauty With Tracy Melton ArtistryFor this crown braid, the object is effortless chic. You’re going to start off this look with a texturizing spray to make the hair naturally piece-y. Then, part about a 2 inch section back from your forehead to start your braid. This is using a French braid technique but you won’t add hair to front section, only to back. Keep taking the section from the back and braiding them in until you get around the temple area.

From here, continue braiding as normal (a 3 strand braid) and pin the ends underneath the back of the hair. I like to crisscross bobby pins underneath for extra security. Pull and tug on your braid strands ever-so-gently to make it more textured and lived-in.  Finish off with hairspray and you’re ready for a night out! Gorgeous photos by Danielle M. Sabol and gown from BHLDN!

Holiday Beauty With Tracy Melton Artistry