MH20150327-109Candice here, and I’ve known for a while that I wanted to share Kate LeSueur’s home with you.  Mostly because she totally upended how I think about hosting, serving appetizers, and the like.  Mostly because she prepares food beautifully and casually.  Mostly because conversation with her is so easy.  Scroll through the beautiful photos below and be inspired by her inviting leather Chesterfield, marble top furniture that ushers in the spirit of New Orleans, and most of all, her hospitality.MH20150327-21

{Kate’s mismatched cane-bottom chairs and marble table takes me straight to a Louisiana bistro.}



{The photography above the couch are Kate’s originals.}



MH20150327-38{This afternoon, Kate served pickled carrots and made a batch of homemade potato chips for us to snack on with Campari Spritzers.}




{Here’s little peek of her latest work below and here:}





How did you find the space?

We found the space by just driving around the neighborhood.  We knew what part of town we wanted to be in, so we just persisted.  This old complex of 6 apartment units was built in the 50s.  They were being refurbished at the time, so we left our names and phone numbers on other tenants’ cars and doors with hopes of a call back.  We got super lucky.

What do you love about your space?

I love how quiet it is.  Walking in this neighborhood has yet to get old.  And it’s really a privilege to be able to so easily and quickly walk or bike to run errands or go grab a drink.  And, I love that it is where we are now, in so many ways.  It’s far from done, which can be difficult at times since we’re constantly over stimulated with social media and the internet — seeing everyone’s perfect nook, wall, room.It’s exhausting, frankly — the sense of urgency to have everything perfect now, how it’s hard to find originality, and largely, that it’s rare to see something that feels honest.  I’m guilty of it, trying to make things look perfect knowing it will be photographed – running around town trying to find new furniture, etc etc.  I quickly had to can that feeling not only because I had no luck in finding anything, but also remembered that a beautiful, personal space is collected slowly, created over much time.   I think a challenge also lies in that when one does creative work, there is sort of an expectation that every part of their life is perfectly curated.

Pretty please share that Campari Spritzer recipe!

We were outside of Venice once with a big group of friends and missed a train we hustled to catch.  So at the tiny station, we ordered Campari spritzers.  They served them with a big salty green Cerignola olive.  It was everything.  A favorite food memory for sure.  It’s just Campari and sparkling water.  And that green olive.

Give us your top entertaining tip.

People love potato chips.  And warmed olives.  They are the perfect easy bite with a good drink.  Both are great with a sprinkle of dried herbs de provence.  The more approachable you keep things (including yourself and your home), your guests are more comfortable and everyone is happier.

Stay on the look out for more of Kate’s work here on the blog – it’s coming soon!  And finally, thank you so much Kate for sharing your home, such an intimate space, with us.

Stunning house tour photographs by Minette Hand.

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