9845 copy 2For all my organic beauty buffs, this post is absolutely for you! Sylvia (one of our fabulous photographers) is sharing her secret for finicky skin – a honey cinnamon mud mask. As a self-proclaimed adult acne sufferer, she swears by this masks ability to clear up junk, moisturizes, and reduce pesky scars. Plus, who doesn’t love a good pamper sesh? See the full recipe below & let us know what you think! – xoxo, LK

Hello, friends! Sylvia here & I’m a fan of using all natural ingredients (knowing what’s in the product) versus buying face masks and buying products from stores since I have very sensitive skin. Growing up, my mother would always come up with homemade remedies to fix anything! It would be anything from herbal teas to boost your immune system, to making homemade soaps & moisturizer.9619
This mask is great for 3 things:
– Moisturizing (honey)
– Exfoliating (brown sugar)
– Getting rid of acne & acne scars (cinnamon!)
I’ve suffered with adult acne and to make it even worse – acne scars! I swear that ever since I started using these masks, my scars and complexion became clearer. honey mask

Before you raid your cabinets or go out and get the ingredients, I want to explain why these ingredients are the best & why they work so well!

HONEY: I prefer using “all natural, organic, raw, unfiltered” honey vs honey that has been processed but it’s totally fine if you use either/or. I just feel that you get more benefits using raw honey. Make sure that it’s at room temperature (easier to smooth onto face). Sometimes I like to warm it up a bit and stick in the microwave for 6 seconds. It’s a natural humectant which acts as a moisturizer & has antibacterial properties that help spot treat existing pimples.

BROWN SUGAR: I like brown sugar versus cane sugar because it’s more gentle on your skin, but both will work just fine! It works great for exfoliating the skin!
CINNAMON: AMAZING smell, but because it’s such a strong spice, it might make your face tingle/burn for the first few seconds. Totally normal! 🙂 Cinnamon stimulates & revitalizes the skin by drawing blood, oxygen, and nutrients to the surface of skin, leaving your skin glowing and healthy! (THIS WORKS!) It also prevents acne.
TEA TREE OIL: This oil is amazing for curing acne and acne scars. It smells and it’s a strong smell, but it works. I usually put in 2 drops, but had to ease into it since the mask is already so strong and tingly.



– Honey (2-3 tbsp)
– Brown Sugar (2 tsp)
– Cinnamon ( 1-2 tsp)
– OPTIONAL – 1-2 drops of Tea Tree Oil



1. Friendly reminder, it’s best to test it on your wrist to make sure your skin responds well.
2. Rub it in, in a circular motion, for about 1 minute & let sit for 20-30
3. This is a great excuse to read, relax, or have a cup of coffee
4. Once your timer is up, wash off with warm water in circular motions. Tap face dry with clean towel & check out your glowing new skin!

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