YOUR BOOK CLUB WILL LOVE WHEN YOU HOST easy spring tablescapes with Marshalls

Are you in a book club? I just joined one and, let’s be honest, it’s more of a wine club but HEY I support reading and drinking, so it all works out. Last week it was my turn to host and I totally lost it. I had no idea what to do! Should it be themed? Should I make a dish relevant to the narrative? Why am I stressing so hard about this book club thing? THIS IS TOTALLY MY FIRST BOOK CLUB GET-TOGETHER AND NOW EVERYONE KNOWS IT. 

Your Book Club will Love When You Host via Lauren KelpSide note, I’ve really been into ‘Greenery’ as the Pantone color of the year. Mainly because it gives me an excuse (like I need one) to buy more plants & work towards my dream of living in a greenhouse, but also because it’s like a genre of colors. Not one specific shade, but more greenery in general. It’s like, anything kinda, slightly, potentially green-ish, maybe, if you want. I love it! 
Your Book Club will Love When You Host via Lauren Kelp

Okay, back to book club. So I was stressing about being a cool bookclub host & I did what I always do when I am stressed and in a rut – I went to Marshall’s. Some women love Target, this gal loves Marshall’s. Okay, I digress, so I was walking down the aisles, finding tons of things I couldn’t live without and what did I almost run into? The most fabulous display of turquoise green plates, bowls, and napkins. I mean, the Kate Spade dinner plates were $12 (whhhhat?) and I paired them with these smaller fun plates (that were handmade in Portugal, naturally) to give the setting some fun texture – done & done! I also picked up a stack of blue/green turquoise dish towels – because I love using them as napkins (they cover you lap so well & help give the table a relaxed vibe) and they totally made the whole setting come together. I mean….how fun, right?

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Your Book Club will Love When You Host via Lauren Kelp

Goodbye book club blues! This girl was all set to run home & start setting that table. For an extra little something fun, I added some of my favorite books to each place setting. Can you spot the theme? They are all green…ish! 

Truthfully, this blue green combo is going to be a frequent flyer on the Kelp dining room table this spring. Pink and yellow usually get all the glory when it comes to color themes for spring, but I really think a deeper green turquoise should get in on the action. The color says, “warmer weather is coming so let’s get excited about it!” without going full-blown tropical…you know?

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Your Book Club will Love When You Host via Lauren Kelp

Toss in some greenery, light a few candles, pour the wine cause it’s book club time! 

Literally nothing I ever write has been so witty, so I am just going to sign off & leave y’all with that. 

Happy hosting!
Your Book Club will Love When You Host via Lauren Kelp