ZTcweEnefcsmM8DwsWbJ-7wmU4cHCVuFvtRDJbyTOPI,TdJu-8ovVi4oudtibQWR1aUNoiH8sO3WS_TDVcf9hUII am a self-described coffee fiend. In college, I would drink a pot (yes, one full pot) of coffee by myself. Thankfully, my coffee tastes have evolved and my caffeine consumption has tapered since those good ol’ college days. But if there is one thing I can’t resists, it’s the perfectly brewed pour over.

Coffee is just a means to an end for a lot of us (hello, morning meetings!), but if it’s brewed well, it can be life changing! Don’t worry, “pour over” is just a simple way of brewing coffee to get a clean, bold flavor. I.e. if you really like the taste of the coffee, use the pour over method!

HigOc_ShRq5vXLGFTcULea451YRBGNi7SE9NM1HHm70,2BX7ovUNCAVvufe0lWW6lDFiH2tGHZjdvm8otSTZSL0Step 1:

Grab a kettle or a vessel with a good spout. Fill it up with some purified water (don’t go crazy and use a bottle, Purina or the like will do), and heat her up!

*Pro tip: pre-moisten the paper filter to get the purest flavor from the coffee

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Now it’s time to measure out the coffee! For a 12 oz. cup, we recommend about 4 tablespoons worth of beans.

If you’ve got a grinder at home grind the beans to look like granulated sugar.

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Pour your grounds into your filter. Don’t forget to tap the container to evenly distribute the coffee. Pour just enough near-boiling water into the filter to saturate all the grounds, and let it rest for 10-30 seconds. Pour the rest of the hot water into the cone in a slow, circular motion.

Grab your cup of perfectly brewed coffee, sit back, relax, and enjoy your morning!


laurenBELEN BUTTONThis post is sponsored by Starbucks but all thoughts, opinions, and food obsessions are our own.