When we moved into our house two and a half years ago, the first thing I wanted to do was install hardwoods. But overwhelmed with a move and a wedding we didn’t even know where to start. Do we drive over to Home Depot and walk down the aisles? Do we pull inspo from a magazine and call…..? I was seriously lost.

Over the years we freshened the wall color and styled a few rooms, but there were definitely updates we needed, and those hardwoods were still in the back of mind.

So when I learned that Hardwood Bargains would send flooring samples to my house for free, I began to realize that one of those updates might not be so out of reach financially OR logistically. With all of the resources at Hardwood Bargains (square footage calculator and a flooring specialist at my fingertips, just to name a few) we finally had a place to start.  I called my friend Laura over for a consult and a quick snack break to get started.



Laura works as an interior designer at Moontower Austin, whose design build projects range from large to (thankfully) very small.   These days work demands so much decision making that the last thing I have brain space for is my home, but it’s so important to me and I want a cohesive outcome.  That said, I always start projects by working with an interior designer.


After showing her photos, Laura identified the wood and plank size I liked so we could search Hardwood Bargains for similar styles. Apparently, I like oak (who knew?!) so using a simple navigation bar, I was able to select that specific wood and the search began.



Two options caught my attention – a lighter oak not too distant in tone from the light colored floors we currently have. My thinking here is that we wouldn’t have to change much else in the house because the color might read the same. Laura mentioned that when paired with modern furniture, white oak looks less rustic or shabby chic than one might expect.

The other option, a darker more classic choice, would truly transform our house. I’ve always believed that the floor can change a room and usually I recommend investing in a fabulous rugs. But hardwoods? Hardwood floors would bring a level of sophistication and timelessness.

hardwood optionsI ordered both samples (plus a few others that intrigued me!) from and can’t wait to get them in. And I want to know – have you ever installed hardwoods – or would you want to?  Do you have any tips?  I’d love to hear.

P.S. Here’s what I’m eager to switch up!


Perfect pics by Elaine Huang

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