Hello & Happy Thursday! Breann here and let’s be real, I love textured hair. There’s nothing better than looking like you have some natural curl, or like you just got home from the beach. Sea salt sprays are all the rage in replicating that textured style, but a lot of them can easily dry out your hair. With all the damage we get from heating tools, hair color, and the sun, the last thing we need is to dry out our locks. That’s where Bloke Body’s Sea Salt Mist comes in. It’s infused with coconut and other oils to help hydrate your hair! The best part is, you can also apply it to your hair while it’s dry to give you that messy, matte finish. Here’s how I used it on my lifeless hair that needed a bit more body.

IMG_5273 2.JPG

I hadn’t washed my hair for a few days before this post, and didn’t have time to shampoo and blow it out before I left for the day. It was pretty dull and on the verge of being thrown up into a bun.

IMG_5274 2.JPG

Taking the Sea Salt Mist from Bloke, I flipped my hair over and sprayed all over, concentrating on my roots.


After it was applied, I scrunched my hair and rubbed a bit of the product into my scalp… that way it could really settle into my hair. IMG_5270.JPGAfterward I used the curling iron on a few different pieces to give it a bit more texture. Concentrate on the pieces surrounding your face. I you feel like you need it, spray a bit more of the mist on your ends, and you’re done!


breann bowman