IMG_4440Does your morning routine look like this: wake up, reach for your phone, check your email & texts, and maybe look at Instagram if you’ve got the extra minute? There is nothing wrong with picking up your phone first thing (hey, we are guilty of it), but sometimes a pesky email from a boss or a rude text can dictate the tone of your day & no one wants to wake up stressed out.

This month we’ve been challenging ourselves to spend ten minutes, first thing in the morning, to wake up with an easy, phone-free morning routine. Taking just ten minutes to breathe, stretch, set intention, and have a little alone time before the rush of the day kicks in is an amazing way to take back your morning & set yourself up for a healthy day.


If your phone is normally plugged in to your nightstand or right next to your bed, try moving it across the room. This forces you to get up & out of bed when your alarm goes off. Normally, we would all run back to our warm, cozy bed, but this week you are going to move to the living room and spend the next 10 minutes in your new daily routine.

To help get things going, I drink a small glass of water & turn on the coffee pot. By the time the coffee is brewed and cooled down a bit, my morning routine is wrapping up and the coffee is already made. This is a great start to a morning already.

pure delight 1MEDITATE FOR 2 MINUTES

Despite what you might think about meditating, there are lots of different ways & a mass of health reasons why meditating, even a few times a week, is incredibly beneficial. I’ve been starting off my mornings by setting a timer for 2 minutes and sitting in a quiet place, with our eyes closed, focusing on our breath.

I increased those two minutes to four the next week & then again in two-minute increments as the weeks roll on. So far I am up to eight minutes & it’s the best part of my morning. Sitting in my office with a candle lit, the smell of coffee coming in through the kitchen, and eight glorious minutes to just wake up, check in with how I am feeling, and set personal intentions for my day. It’s insane how much better I feel & how my reactions have changed when met with stressful situations.


You did it! You woke up a few minutes early & chose to spend a little time on yourself this morning instead of jumping right into the work day grind. How do you feel? Sure, a little sleepy maybe, but hopefully you feel more grounded and prepared to take on the day.

Our days are filled with people needing things from us –  that email,  your attention, your input – and while that might just be part of the daily grind, taking a few minutes out of the morning to give yourself a little love, a good pep talk, and a great cup of coffee will help make the grind a little better.

If you are looking for a little extra love, try some Simply Pure clean coffee creamer. Only five simple ingredients & your morning cup of coffee just got seriously upgraded. I am partial to the French Vanilla, but I hear the Hazelnut is pretty divine as well.

pure delight 2

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