Last weekend, I flew to South Mexico to source interior decor for several very special clients – a spa and a global interiors brand just to name two!  While trips and long days tire me in one way – knowing a region and its makers intimately requires an immense amount of time – it’s such a fun ride!  I always return home eager for a good night’s sleep, but also brimming with new ideas.  Today, I wanted to catch y’all up on my adventure but also break down how to be inspired by travel.

Pink.ConcreteWhile the interior design of the spa is characterized by neutral tones and harsh edges, I was on the look out for ways to soften the space and bring in complimentary textures.  I noticed this wall on a walk to dinner, and the way the softness of the pink seemed to belong right next to the concrete absolutely intrigued me.  Later, at a gallery, I bought a set of very light pink bowls that guests might use for rings or small jewelry prior to a massage or other treatment.

terracottaAnother afternoon, we drove into the mountains towards a famous swimming hole.  In fact, the swimming pool was a natural infinity pool on the edge of this small piece of the world.  This space encouraged me to embrace the reality of the elements.  While I found textiles to soften the spa’s hard lines, I was reminded that the rough, untouched pieces of earth are beautiful precisely because they are harsh.  Later, I picked up a few unglazed terracotta pieces that might be used for storing herbs in the steam room or serve as a dish.

watery blueAfter returning from the swimming hole, these beautiful blue bottles caught my eye inside a glass shop that night, and I obsessed over their color.   At first I criticized myself because I thought, How are my followers or clients going to ever going to respond to something like this – it’s not bright or characteristic of the region.  But they stayed with me, and I knew I had to buy a set and share them.

pink and greenThe global interiors brand charged me with a few design tasks and sourcing the very best market finds .  The chosen pieces had to fit in with current collections but stand on their own design strength. Here, the color story stayed with me – orange-y pinks, cactus greens.  While walls and homes in South Mexico are often brightly painted with fuschias and brilliant blues, this palette is frequent, too, on a worn down corner or just outside of the square.  And I decided to center the market finds around it.

And finally, I’d love to know – what does inspiration look like to you?  Is it elements of travel that stick with you?  Experiences?  A layout in a magazine that your tear and save?

Snapshots from OH! Fox Instagram and styled photos by Minette Hand.

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