tumblr_lonk3jlpRi1qbp31po1_1280Hope you guys had a great week!  Candice here sharing a quick post on a brand I’m seeing everywhere — Ancient Greek Sandals.  They initially caught my eye at beautiful shop here in Austin, Kick Pleat and I saw them again on Tuula Vintage.  Finally today, after spending some time on their site, I watched their brand video and it blew me away.

“It’s not about following a trend, the trend of the season. We will follow our own path.”


Let me explain my obsession: I buy one or two pairs of sandals at the beginning of the summer and then I wear them out.  Like everyday.  Like the soles are worn by September.  The truth is that I don’t want to own a pair of flip flops for around the house, a pair of dressy sandals, and something different for every other date that will inevitably occur this summer like weddings, beach trips, and days on the road.  I prefer one or two pairs in a caramel and black or an amazing light almost blush colored leather that will transcend occasions. And Ancient Greek Sandals does just that.

My favorite Ancient Greek Sandals are here:

1129521 1129802 1131619 1131749 1135290

Take a minute and watch their inspiring video here:

[vimeo 89723313 w=500 h=281]

What do you think – would you try it, just one or two pairs of sandals for the season?  I’d love to hear your thoughts on this and other ways you simplify.

Candice Button

  • Okay, love all of these! So happy about this find because haven’t heard of this brand before & I’ve been looking for a new, good sandal. THANK YOU. xx

    • Ooh, you will love them. They are amazing, especially the longer you wear them 🙂

  • Grace

    These look great Lauren! How woukd you rate the comfort level? I’ve been looking for a nicer casual sandal that I could wear most days but my issue with most sandals is that the soles are too thin and don’t offer enough support to not feel like you are walking directly on concrete.