IRISH MARGARITAS for all you non-beer drinkers

8cc5bc49-fd4f-460f-8ec0-6e2d669eec19Ooh, hello my thirsty little leprechauns! Hopefully, you have plans to have some friends over for a fun little St. Patrick’s Day celebration tonight. If you & your guests are over green beer & heavy stouts, might I suggest having margaritas instead?

Sure, sure, okay, so you might not typically think that St. Patrick’s Day & margaritas go well together, but I say, why not?! They are green, taste delicious, and get just about everyone in a festive mood. So, why not get the gang together and serve up some Irish margaritas to celebrate?
c540071c-f6ab-4940-8856-c35e984793a2Whenever I host people, I like to move around, mingle, and chat with my guests. The last thing I want is to be stuck in one place pouring wine or opening beers all night. That is why setting up a little designated cocktail area is the best hostess trick around. Gather all your goodies in one spot, have plenty of cups, mixers, napkins, tools, etc. & your guests do all the heavy lifting. They get the beverage of their choice & you get to mingle about.
03249609-7f70-4f0d-91de-377c96297ebaIf you think creating a bar area is easy, wait until you try Keurig’s new KOLD machine. You can literally make cocktails at the push of a button. That’s it! Pop in the pod, push a button, and voi-freaking-la!

If you’ve ever used Keurig’s coffee machine, you can use this bad boy. Same concept, just instead of making hot coffee and tea, it makes cold iced tea, sodas (like Coke & Sprite), margaritas, and mojitos.

Besides being the ultimate bartender, this little guy has a party mode option that allows you to make pitchers or multiple cocktails back to back so you don’t have to wait for the machine in between. Seriously, I am obsessed.

5c79dcc8-50ef-4044-ae1b-20e6411702b1So, this St. Patrick’s Day (or, let’s be real, any holiday, get together, happy hour, etc.) have the gang over for margaritas and introduce them to your swanky new bartender! This just made having margaritas (and mojitos!) a whole lot easier & I can’t say I am sad about it.

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