y8489-nu7TYWsFiCGY-gEBJrEiSmLlcIYwqE-KLyh30I am definitely the kind of gal who loves a save vs. splurge moment when it comes to my beauty products. With a tight budget, there’s nothing better than scoring a great deal. However when it comes to hair products, there is one universal truth: You get what you pay for. When it comes to my hair, I’m not afraid to shell out the extra cash. With the amazing product line Living Proof (co-founded by THE Jennifer Aniston!) I don’t have to sacrifice the look of my hair or my wallet.

Their product, Prime, has become something I can’t live without. This style extender not only holds for a couple extra days, but also serves as a fantastic heat protector. Not to mention, it smells like heaven.

oc4XenMhWzdq3lOcDYTmJ901ieRiziHS3AO545fDczkYou can be pretty liberal with it, and I promise it won’t weigh down your hair. For my length, and normal thickness, I use about a quarter size amount and apply to damp hair just before blowing it out.

QpT7ArI4WjYAEpevu56-ILO4Pfa6IuAh_leznwId2d0RfmhylevfggoK3uRQGVXC0FIAzjA96eJP9XxkaVcT2sI strictly round brush my hair, and Prime definitely helps smooth out my frizz and curls. If you use a curling or flat iron after blowdrying, Prime will protect your precious locks from any damage.


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breann bowman