Hello friends! I’m so excited to be the first editor to kick off our new series: LK Travel Guides. With so many of us on the LK team living in different parts of the country, we each have the opportunity to visit different cities and share our favorite spots. Today I’m starting us off with San Francisco! The city by the bay has long been my favorite vacation destination. Have you ever visited a place and instantly felt like you belonged there – like the city perfectly fits into the way you see yourself? That’s how I feel about San Francisco. I visited a handful of times as a kid with my family, and still find so much joy there today as an adult! I practically beg my husband to move us there every time we visit! It’s big city vibes mixed with laid-back California culture is perfect for anyone looking for an adventure.

Before you leave, don’t be fooled by the fact that it’s in California. While SoCal boasts warm weather and perfect beach days, San Francisco is nestled on a peninsula between chilly northern Pacific waters. While you’ll usually experience sunshine in the afternoons, be sure to pack a thick sweater or light jacket for layering. Once the infamous fog rolls in, you’ll be glad you have something to bundle up with!



My fist stop in San Francisco is Mr. Holmes Bakehouse located in the lower Nob Hill area. These aren’t your standard baked goods folks! From matcha cream stuffed donuts to their ever-changing “cruffins” you’ll be dreaming about this place for weeks after you leave. Be prepared to spend a bit of cash, and plan on showing up early to get in line. This place is opened until they sell out – and it doesn’t take long for them to do so!


The capitol building located just a few blocks from Mr. Holmes’ is a great place to enjoy your treats and partake of some of San Francisco’s finest architecture.


Now most folks will tell you to check out Fisherman’s Wharf and Ghiraradelli Square while in San Francisco. While these are great landmarks of the city, they’re a bit too touristy for my taste. If you want to experience great food and views of the water, I suggest visiting the Ferry Building instead. It has so many great little eateries, pop up ice cream shops, and farmer’s markets! The perfect spot for lunch if you ask me. Plus you can’t beat the incredible views of the Bay Bridge and Oakland off in the distance!

IMG_4278.JPGIMG_4277.JPGIMG_4276.JPGIMG_4279.JPGNow you can’t visit San Francisco without spotting the gorgeous Golden Gate Bridge. One of my favorite parts of my last trip there was driving through the gorgeous Presidio neighborhoods to the base of the bridge. There are beautiful trails all through the park, and views of the Bay are absolutely breathtaking. On clear days you can easily spot Alcatraz Island, and if you feel like taking a trip across, Sausalito and Muir Woods are the best places to visit in the afternoon.

IMG_4271 2.JPGIMG_4270 2.JPGOne of the best things about San Francisco is being able to walk around without a plan and still see so many amazing things. There really is no other place like it in the world, and I’m sure you’ll find yourself wanting to visit again and again.

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breann bowman