As you know, we love any excuse to throw a party & we are always looking for fun, new ones! We have been big fans of Oh Happy Day (what party lover isn’t?!) for a long time & now that they launched a new party shop, it’s an endless source of party inspiration. Take these spunky marbled plates & cups for instance – they are so fun! Don’t they just scream ice cream party?!

We had friends over a few weeks ago & we thought it would be a fun surprise to serve up a spunky little dessert & these marbled accents did the trick! Who wouldn’t want their ice cream served in something as happy as these? Scroll down to see what you need to plan your own ice cream party surprise!


– Ice cream

– Ice cream cones

– Sprinkles, chocolate sauce, gummy bears, nuts, berries, and all of your other favorite toppings

Marbled napkins (we got ours in orange!)

Marbled cups (we want all of the colors!)


– Add some fruit, chocolate, or other larger toppings to the bottom of your cup. Scoop your ice cream on top & finish off with sprinkles & an upside down ice cream cone!

– Use your cone as a spoon, mix the sprinkles on top with the goodies at the bottom, or just dive in! No matter how you eat it, it’s always delicious!


Photography by Aimée Mendez