MARCH 2015


About a year ago, I got into the habit of creating monthly goals for myself. I love the idea of New Year’s resolutions, by half way through the year I would have either forgotten what I was supposed to be changing, or given up completely. The idea of several little goals to try and accomplish in a 30(ish) day period was wonderfully appealing. There is always the benefit that if you didn’t meet the goal, it could always roll into the next month. Plus, some goals, like take an Epsom salt bath twice a week, are more about affecting change (like taking more “me time”) rather than the actual goal (in this case, a bath). So, here we go. Another month in and there are no signs of stopping this lovely little ritual. Do you set monthly goals? I would love to hear them! Here is how I did in February and what we are looking at in March…


1. Epsom Salt Bath Twice a Week

IT’S AMAZING! If you add, swap, change one thing about your nightly routine, make it this!

2. Walk during lunch

This has also been a game changer & I swapped out my chair for a big exercise ball and my lower back couldn’t be more thankful!

3. Book a “working weekend”

Whoops, still working on this one…

4. Make Sunday a Thing Again

It’s been truly glorious to take one day and unplug. We’ve gone on more walks, had more family time, and it’s just a phenomenal start to the week. I encourage everyone to take their Sunday back.

FotorCreated2MARCH GOALS

1. Pilates!

Have you ever tried it? I have a few girl friends who swear by its transformative powers and I need a little spice to my regular workout routine (i.e. swimming). Any tips?

2. Newsletter

THAT’S RIGHT! We are working on sending out monthly newsletters that will be chock-full of exclusive recipes, fun behind the scenes images, insider beauty tips, and fun features from the Editors. Plus, there might even be whispers of a shop section and newsletter-only giveaways! Sign up here to join. Don’t worry, we won’t bombard your inbox.

3. Read About A New Topic

I’ve been in a reading rut recently and I needed a change desperately, so I picked up Wabi Sabi & The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up. I started reading the latter one in the bath last night and it’s fantastic. Truthfully, it’s changing my life. If you need to de-clutter, de-stress, or need to get things on track, pick it up!

Photography by Constance Higleylauren

  • I am all about monthly goals too! I post them every month on my blog, which actually helps me stay more accountable lol. For this month, mine are to stop drinking coffee (eek!), walk every day on my lunch break, and stay offline on Saturdays. And yes, you should definitely try pilates! Blogilates on youtube is probably the best free resource out there.

    So glad I found your blog!

    • Proud of you for trying to quit coffee! If you like tea you should try matte. Ooh, I will check them out! Thanks for the suggestion 🙂

  • Candice

    I think this is a much more effective way for me to plan and dream – it’s a concrete timeline and you can really assess whether or not the goal is something you think you want to do versus something small you actually want to change.