11So you’ve heard about those subscription boxes, but you are maybe confused or don’t really understand the point. Well, you haven’t met Lilee! Lilee is a subscription “treat yourself” service that your inner Pinterest nut is flipping for. Each month, Lilee curates beauty products, lifestyle goodies, and various little “Where did you get that?” finds. Think manatee tea diffuser, geometric notebook sets, nail polish, and organic tonic.

Sounds fun doesn’t it? Just wait…it gets better. Your Lilee box isn’t just filled with tiny samplers, you’ve got some serious loot in these bad boys. Don’t believe me, check out February’s box…

7It was box was filled to the brim with unique products including a MULK notebook set, Rabbit Foot Fern pencil sampler, Palmetto Derma Collagen Booster & Restoration Serum, Good Hippie Thrive Toner, Cattiva eyeliner, Jane Tran clip/pen set and Roux Anti-aging Hair Serum.

“Okay, but maybe you just got lucky this month,” you ask. Nope, all of the monthly boxes are this awesome. In January’s box, we geeked out on My Beauty Tea (divine), Jesse & Co Gold Necklace with the word “Curated” engraved, Mirabella Perfecting Powder, Cult Cosmetics Nail Polish, “You’re a Gem” Greeting Card, Pur Daily Moisturizer, and quiet possibly the cutest tea diffuser ever – Fred the Manetea. See below!


Lilee ships her favorite finds in this beautifully packaged box. Depending on your package, you can get a perfectly curated touch of life box every month, for 4 months, or pick and choose which month’s to receive. Pick your package and prepare for $120+ worth of goodies straight to your doorstep!

My favorite part is that Lilee is a bit of a hipster. Each box is curated thoughtfully and full of goodies and brands that you might not have discovered otherwise. 5We are so convinced you need some Lilee in your life, with ANY PACKAGE SUBSCRIPTION you will receive 4 delicious loose leaf tea blends from My Beauty Tea in Sugar Chai, Beauty Blend, Spicy Pumpkin and Pink Blossom, plus, a Fred Manatea infuser!

Enter coupon code ‘LAURENKELP‘ at checkout & you’ll receive this extra treat

Here is all you have to do:

1. Sign up for Lilee through March 21st

2. Enter ‘LAURENKELP‘ at checkout

3. Receive this fabulous, extra something special FOR FREE!


Want to know more about the brand? Meet the creative geniuses behind Lilee!