14Mexican Hot Chocolate makes even the coldest nights feel amazing. Step up your beverage (or dessert!) game with this delicious (and easy!) recipe. Add in your favorite spirit for an extra kick or leave as is to indulge in a perfectly crafted beverage. Who knows, this might just take the place of your coffee in the morning! – xoxo, LK

Elizabeth here! Temperatures have officially started to cool down and Christmas decorations are in all stores across America, so naturally we all know what time of the year it is! I have to say I’m pretty excited for the holidays coming up. Usually I feel like it’s so premature and I’m still holding on the summer with my fists clenched. I am so excited for a day of feasting from Thanksgiving and then bundle up my full-belly self with my coziest circle scarf and warmest sweater to get a midnight start for black Friday shopping (I think at this point it’s like grey Thursday but anyways…).

My friend Sabrina and I head out with a warm drink and shop till like 4am, basically until were ready to fall down, Sabrina are you ready?! This year I’ll be heading out with a to-go mug of spicy Mexican hot chocolate. It is your test buds and your nostrils best friend. You can feel the flavor bursting from this drink! Also if hot chocolate isn’t your thing give a box of brownies or your favorite homemade recipe a spin with some cayenne pepper! You won’t go wrong… not even a pinch 😉


2 ½ Cups of Milk (I used 2%)

3.5 Oz of dark or bittersweet chocolate, chopped or grated

1 Teaspoon of ground cinnamon

¼ Teaspoon of cayenne pepper

1-2 Tablespoons of brown sugar or vanilla syrup


1.In a small heavy bottom saucepan heat milk on medium high heat until just simmering. Remove from heat and add in chopped chocolate, cinnamon, cayenne, pepper, and brown sugar / vanilla syrup. Mix until melted.

2.Serve with marshmallows, sprinkles, or cinnamon + whip cream (my fav!)


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