DIY Holiday Decor

Merry Christmas, Holiday babes! Get ready for a super simple and unique holiday DIY, perfect for last minute parties or adding fresh greenery to your home.

These minimal Christmas branch hangings came to be because my husband left me alone on a Sunday afternoon for about 20 minutes. Seriously, 20 minutes. I had purchased a bouquet of fresh greenery at the grocery store and started playing around with arranging them in a few different vases. I used items I had on hand and after hanging them above our couch, I added these Geometric Hanging Prisms. Voilà!

Tip: I was originally hoping to hang these from existing picture nails. However, we’ve rearranged our furniture a bit to make room for our Christmas tree, so the spacing didn’t quite work. T pins were the perfect solution because they barely leave a mark!

DIY Holiday Decor


1. Fresh greenery – I picked mine up at Kroger for about $5!

2. Floral sheers

3. Floral wire

4. Twine

5. T pins

6. Optional: Geometric Hanging Prisms or other ornaments

DIY Holiday DecorDIY Holiday DecorINSTRUCTIONS:

1. Choose two sturdy pieces of greenery to serve as your base. Trim the excess branches on the greenery about halfway from the bottom

2. Position the two branches in opposite directions, then wrap tightly with the floral wire

3. Add a second or third texture of greenery to each end for variation, again attaching with the floral wire

4. Tie desired length of twine to each end and double knot

5. Hang on wall using the T pins

6. Optional: add an ornament or hanging prism from the T pin for an extra touch!

DIY Holiday Decor

Photos by Jessica Gold Photography

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