Citrus close-up, by Suvi Kesäläinen of Suvi Sur Le VifOCTOBER RECAP

October seemed to come & go in a flash, huh?! I am a bit sad to see October go. There is something so wonderful about the beginning of Fall & it was great to get back into the habit of self-reflection and goal setting. While I can’t say I knocked it out of the park, it was really good for my spirit to get back into the swing of things…

1. Be a better spouse

This one was a really important goal for me this past month. We made it a point to go on more hikes, took a little weekend trip to Sedona, and made it a point to put our work away and cook together at least one night a week — confession: he cooked, I drank wine. It is so important for me to continue to pursue Griffin and I hope to always keep this goal on the forefront of my mind.

2. Manage my time better

I’ve gotten so much better! Seriously, time management is the worst until you make it a point to get better at it. Then it’s awesome. I would block out time every night (while Griff was studying) to answer emails, put the finishing touches on tomorrow’s post, and wrap up some emails. Once 9pm hit, I would shut it down and open a book. How simple! It’s liberating when you give yourself some boundaries.

3. Go on a mini-vacation

Like I mentioned earlier, we took a little day trip to Sedona and it was heaven. The weather was about 15º cooler and it was just wonderful to get out of Phoenix and shake the dust off!

4. Celebrate little wins

Yea, this one wasn’t such a big win this month. You know, it’s hard cutting yourself a break! But hey, I’ll get better at it. Even a little self high-five every once in a while goes a long way.

5. Re-Launch!

WOOHOO!! We did it! We are a month in to the new & (seriously) improved and I couldn’t love it more. What do you think? I would love to hear parts you love, things you don’t fully understand, and suggestions for where to go!

cd1cfa61525551ad8d70377e617fd84bNOVEMBER GOALS

1. Take a posture of gratitude

It’s gratitude season & I really want to make that a priority as we enter in to the holidays. This month, I want to try to tell someone how truly thankful I am for them, what they do, and who they are. Expressing gratitude does wonders for the perspective & I would love to learn to be more in that frame of mind.

2. Collaborate more!

We’ve got some super fun projects in the works over here at & I would love to work with other creatives more. If you have a home tour or Well Dressed Creative submission– please submit it! Are you a photographer or a brand – let’s get together and talk! What fun is the creative process if you can’t share it with other people?!

3. Drink more water

This is such an unbelievably lame goal, but I truly suck at it. With as much coffee as I drink I am surprised I haven’t shriveled up from lack of hydration. From here on out, for every cup of coffee I drink, I will drink at least 16 oz of water.

4. Go on a hike a week

The weather is finally starting to get its self together and cool down here in Arizona. Starting your morning off with a quick hike is so magical & it helps center you before the chaos of the day kicks in. Got any favorite spots I should check out?