IMG_6016You guys, I am so excited for this. There is a special place in my heart for a prize-winner cocktail that takes you less than 30 seconds to make. In fact, anything that tastes delicious, semi-nutritious, and can be made in a short amount of time has my heart completely.

We are about to change the way you serve champagne cocktails today and I will send y’all my address so you can write me and thank me later. Just kidding, but these will change your life. Meet our latest (and maybe greatest) champagne cocktail combo – Pear & Rosemary. It’s delicious, beyond easy, and packs a punch in terms of aesthetic value.

Ooh, yea. It’s amazing.

pear cocktail 1


– One pear per person

– Rosemary

Onli sparkling water

– Champagne

– Ice cubes

– Festive glasses


1. Slice the pear from top to bottom on either side of the stem. This will allow the pear to sit nicely in the glass.

2. Place a few ice cubes and a slice of pear in each glass

3. Fill two-thirds with champagne

4. Top off with Onli sparkling water (our favorite is their Apple & Pear)

5. Serve, sip, repeat!

IMG_6079I mean, look at it…it’s gorgeous! Plus, it tastes like the most delicious little treat. It’s slightly sweet with a bit of fizz and a hint of rosemary – only all of the best flavors in one! IMG_6158 IMG_6182

Photography by This Girl Sylvialauren kelp author button