WHY PLANTS & PEOPLE MAKE THE BEST PARTNERS 3 reasons why plants are our favorite friends

15+Gorgeous+Ways+to+Decorate+with+PlantsHi y’all! Courtney here. With summer just around the corner, it’s time to renew and redecorate! And while it’s easy to think of this as adding a new side table, replacing a wall hanging, or simply reorganizing – there’s one thing that tends to be an afterthought when sprucing up your spaces – plants! My house is filled with them. Seriously, they’re everywhere. Not only do they elevate the appeal of my home, they also supply an array of health benefits that help me breathe, think, and – ultimately – live better! Here are 3 reasons to embrace the art of indoor gardening.


Humans and plants coexist and rely on each other for sustenance, right? So it only makes sense that bringing in succulents (they practically take care of themselves so – naturally – they’re my favorite) or beautiful blossoms into our home is a huge benefit to our health. As natural humidifiers, plants breathe moisture into the air which helps ward off cold and flu symptoms while preventing dry skin, dry lips, dry coughs and sore throats. They also improve our air quality by taking the carbon dioxide from air to produce the oxygen that we breathe. What’s the lesson here? Use plants to filter out harmful compounds, keep the oxygen flowing at night, and feel refreshed in the morning!

SIDE NOTE: NASA researchers have conducted extensive research on air quality – and recommend one potted plant per 100 square feet of indoor space!


The increase in oxygen levels from photosynthesis not only reduces our carbon footprint, but it refreshes the air – leading to a boost in creativity and concentration, higher mood levels, and a more relaxed and serene aura. Think about it – adding pockets of green to your work environment could be the missing key to getting your creative juices flowing, feeling less stressed, and improving your overall work performance. (I suggest ornamental plants!)

PLUS – A University of Michigan study proved that being “under the influence of plants” can increase memory retention by 20 percent. I’m telling you, this works. I work both thoughtfully and quickly and I have my collection of cacti to thank for that.


Here’s where the decorative element comes into play! Have interior brick walls and/or sharp corners? Soften the look by adding plants to contrast these hard surfaces. Be creative when choosing your plants, think both small and big, also – proper scaling is key! Place a taller plant in the corner and use a smaller one as a centerpiece. Looking for a creative way to spruce up that ugly bookshelf, countertop, or window ledge? Plants are your best accessories for creating beautiful vignettes! They also make for fabulous housewarming gifts and party favors. Try a plant exchange for your next girls night or neighborhood get-together!

If I haven’t convinced you that indoor plants supply the best design initiatives and numerous health advantages, I don’t know what will. You’ll have pops of natural, earthy colors in your home (or office!) and get a breath of fresh air (literally) every time you walk in the door. I can’t think of anything better. Happy planting!

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