IMG_7330Maybe you haven’t gotten enough of the St. Patrick’s Day festivities or maybe you are just tired of Bailey or Guinness cocktails, either way, this happy little cocktail is sure to kick your celebrations off with a lucky start! Hosting a fun get-together this St. Patrick’s Day? Make sure you stock up on the ingredients below! We used Gin (because I love it so), but feel free to swap it out for your favorite Vodka!


– Favorite gin or vodka

– Elderflower Lemonade (Belvoir makes a great one)

– Tonic

– Ice

– Lemon

– Sugar & yellow food coloring for sugared rim



1. Pack your cocktail shaker full of ice and pour in two jiggers of your favorite gin or vodka & 2 jiggers full of the Elderflower lemonade.

2. If you want to rim your glasses, cut a wedge of lemon and rum around the rim of glass. In a food processor or small bowl, pour in some sugar & a few drops of yellow food coloring. Mix or blend until throughly blended. Pour into a shallow dish & flip your glass upside down in dish to rim. Slowly twist the glass back and forth to ensure the rim is evenly coated.

3. Stir the cocktail in the cocktail shaker a few times & slowly strain into each glass. Top off with  bit of tonic & garnish if you wish.

4. Sip, serve, repeat!

* Makes 2 cocktails*


lauren and sylvia