tumblr-n0938gksxv1qazha9o1-500If your May was anything like mine, it was totally, epically manic. Commitment after commitment, engagement after engagement, all plans you couldn’t get out of or pull a ‘rain check.’ All fun things normally, but when stacked back-to-back they seemed more like sections of a marathon you just had to power through. On one blissful Sunday that we had off, G and I sat in the middle of our living room just staring blankly in space. We looked like zombies. Slightly dazed, probably malnourished, and totally exhausted. How did our schedule get so jam-packed? What happened to the things we wanted to do? When did things get out of control? That’s when we decided that it was high time we re-claimed our schedules.

Now we haven’t experience major trauma or had our entire world flipped because of some life altering experience. We are merely two twenty-something’s who have totally let their schedules and their personal lives get out of control. Long gone are the days of goal setting, “Farris Bueller” days, and, dare I say it, hobbies. When busy work schedules, commitments with family and friends, and responsibilities start piling up, the first thing to go was our personal health and development. Why?

This month, the Kelp family is dedicated to re-claiming our schedules back. We are setting goals and saying ‘no’ to social commitments we know we won’t be in top form for. These are our starting points:

_MG_80731. HEALTH

It’s true (at least for us) that when schedules start to get cramped, workouts and healthy meals go out the window. This month we are aiming to get out for a big walk around the city twice a week, go for a swim at least twice, and do something else twice a week – run, yoga, pilates, weights, whatever. It could be 20 minutes of jumping jacks, just as long as it gets the blood moving.

Practical application – Take a walk around the block during your lunch break, park farther away than you normally would, or try a workout at home if getting to and from the gym in a short window of time just isn’t doable.


Personal growth, maybe even more than fitness, is truthfully dead in the water when things get busy. Now, I get it, I understand that some seasons are busier than others, and life is a teeter-totter and we need to be flexible, but I don’t agree that we have to give up the things we enjoy just because we have a busy schedule.

Instead of watching re-runs in bed at night, we are flipping on a night-light and reading books we’ve been talking about for ages. Sure, maybe we don’t have a long stretch of time to indulge in the luxury of reading, but I will take 10, 15, even 20 minutes a night if nothing else.

Practical application – Want to learn about a new subject? Download a podcast or an e-book and dive in on your commute. Place a book by your bedside table to tempt you into reading at night instead of working on your laptop. Block a day (ideally) or an hour on a certain day and reserve it for a hobby – i.e. On Sundays, G writes music and I practice my Spanish

That’s it. Two simple things we are trying to keep top of mind this month. I would love to hear how you re-claim your busy schedule & please, tips welcome!

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