We bought the #tinykelphouse in November of 2016 & it’s now almost November of 2017 and we are just getting around to revealing a piece of the “final” (as final as houses can ever be) product – INSANE, right? We thought we would start things off with a bang and show you the sexiest headboard there ever was. I mean…look at her!

This sassy babe is from Erika Upholstered Platform bed in Navy Velvet from Joss & Main and it is maybe the most luxe thing about my whole house!

Here is the deal, our little lake house is small – it’s not itty bitty – but it is small enough for us to be smart about what pieces we bring in and how we use our space. That being said, I am a huge believer in making the bedroom a sacred place. We have a no phone rule in the bedroom (I know, I know, you guys are like, shut up Lauren we get ittt… but seriously, if you still need convincing read here), we indulge in really comfortable pillows, and we don’t clutter the bedroom with extra mess and junk.

Our goal (I say “ours” but really I mandate it and G is nice enough to follow along) is to make the bedroom as stress free and relaxing as possible. Your life is busy enough, why bring in added stress to a place that is supposed to be comfortable and safe?

So when we saw the Erika we both were like, yep. that’s the one.

With a small house, you have to be mindful of space (obviously) and this bed frame is space conscience without feeling tiny. She is tall, so it adds a bit of drama. She isn’t wide, so she doesn’t take up a lot of space, and her frame is low without feeling like you are sleeping on the floor.

The Navy Velvet is deep and gorgeous and gives the room a perfectly moody vibe without leaving the room feeling dark and brooding. Plus, in my opinion, navy is acts almost like a neutral because it is super easy to decorate alongside. There are so many complimentary colors, accents, and textures you can use when styling around navy to make it timeless and unique all at the same time.

Basically, all this to say – headboards are back and fabulous and if you are in the market, you probably need the Erika. Pluuuus, she comes in some good colors! It’s never to early to start that wishlist…and you’ll probably need a project this Fall, maybe redecorating your bedroom is it! Can’t wait to hear what you think!

this post was in partnership with Joss & Main, all opinions are my own