SEAWEED BATHS and why they are amazing

IMG_4066Throughout my short little life, I have had a whole host of fabulous skin issues – adorable acne, really cute psoriasis, and even lovely little skin irritations due to what I was eating. Not everyone was blessed with having weird, flakey skin and so some of you would never think to shower with seaweed, but let me change your mind because it is AMAZING.

I am a bit of a sucker for beauty products. I love the packaging, the enticing fragrance of a new mask, or the anticipation before trying a new bath salt, & because of my love of beauty products, I will try just about anything (expect that weird baby cream, H NO). So when I heard about the magical powers of seaweed, I thought why not?!
IMG_4074Enter, The Seaweed Bath Co. Created by an Austin-native who was suffering from shitty skin, these products are majestic for anyone that has psoriasis, flakey skin, or just wants to really hydrate, detox, and cleanse their skin.

The Detox Cellulite soap has become daily routine in my morning showers & if you enjoy baths, their bath products are a lovely little indulgence at the end of a long day. You can read all about their natural ingredients here or maybe you just want to swing by and pick some up at your local Whole Foods – either way, if you want to detox that skin, kick the eczema, or punch out your psoriasis, these babies will do the trick!


lauren and sylvia