IMG_3438.JPGIf I were to only wash my hair and let it air dry, it looks like the photo below. Oh the frizz and curls! They are the bane of my existence! To say my hair is difficult to manage is an understatement. It is exactly why I go so long without washing, and avoid blowing it out at all costs.IMG_3439.JPGThat was until I got my hands on Night Cap by Living Proof. This miracle cream instantly smoothes and helps give you up to a week of shiny, manageable hair – all while you sleep. I start with taking a quarter size amount and applying it throughout my hair – wet or dry. I then hit the hay (don’t worry, it’s pillow safe), wash it out the next day and style as usual.

IMG_3444.JPGWhat I found is that when I wash my hair a couple days later, my hair is still easier to blowout and has a great amount of shine! Here is my easy step-by-step guide to blowing out your hair after using Night Cap.


While hair is wet distribute a dime sized amount of Living Proof Primer Style Extender throughout your hair. Then begin blow drying without the brush to get rid of a lot of the moisture.


Next, part your hair down the middle and round brush the top section in motions away from your face.


Brush the top section to the side and round brush the sides and bottom sections. Since my hair is so unruly, I tend to brush in all directions, ending with a motion going downward to straighten it out.


To add a bit of volume and texture, I take a small section and brush away from the root about 2 inches, then using the brush still, twist backward and lightly apply hot air from the dryer.

IMG_3441.JPGIMG_3442-2.JPGSTEP 5.

Part on either side or keep it down the middle. Smooth any flyaway’s as needed and enjoy smooth, shiny, manageable hair for up to one week!

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breann bowman